Facebook tips – Getting More Likes for Your Page

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Facebook tips for getting more likes and engagements for your Facebook Page and attracting target clients.

You know that the development of your business mostly depends on how much your business is familiar to target audience. For this, you may have already used many strategies for public engagement. You may use social media like Facebook for attracting clients. But, it may not work always as you wanted. In this case, if you follow my Facebook tips to promote your site, it is confirmed, you will get the maximum result.

  1. Facebook Page: With a view to attracting more target clients, at the very first, you have to create a Facebook business page. Your page should have a professional and niche based title. Make the page great looking as much as possible. You should use your real business identity and arrange the information in detail. Add a smart business looking banner to your page.
  1. Embed Widget: Add Facebook widget (formerly known as like box) to your website or blog. This widget will help your readers to like, comment on your post. You can use different plugins for this.
  1. Invite your Email Contacts and Friends: If you have a huge email contact list, you can add them to your fan page. You just need to send email them encouraging to join in your page. Make an attractive Html newsletter asking them to like your page. Be tactful to invite them. Don’t write directly “Join our fan page” rather write “Share your favorite images with us” or “Connect with a smart community”.

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  1. Add Welcome Video: Create an attractive landing tab in your page. Then, attach a compelling welcome video for your users. In this video, give a clear description about your page, the purpose of this page and how the viewers can be benefited being the member of this fan page. Invite them in such a way that they cannot deny your invitation to join your page.
  1. Include Facebook Buttons: in your web page, include Facebook join, comment, like and share button. These buttons will let your viewer to like, comment and share your contents in their page which will help your fan’s friend to discover and read the contents. In the way, ultimately you will get more viewers and clients.
  1. Let Fans Tag Your Content: Let your fans to tag your content, photos, videos, comments etc. This opportunity will help them to share your interesting contents with their friends. If they can tag your contact, that means, the content will be shown in their Facebook wall or the Timeline. This way will increase the chance of your content goes viral.
  1. Share Various Contents: Alongside the written contents, you should publish video or audio content. In this case, the Facebook video feature can play an important role. You should load engaging video content or podcast audio content on your Facebook fan page. Then, take the source code and embed it on your website. When the user will watch the video, they can see a like button which leads them to your website.
  1. Use Facebook Ads: This option will help you to get your target clients. You can buy this Facebook ad with a weekly or monthly nominal cost. To buy the specific target client engagement in your website, go to the bottom of your page and click Advertising. Then you will get the necessary options. In this way, ad will provide a chance for the viewers to become a fan as well as they see the people who have already liked your page.

Facebook ad

  1. Run a Contest: It is an interesting way of increasing fan for your page. A contest will make your fan and their friends to speak about your page and business. For this purpose, you have to take a written permission and to spend a significant amount on ads per month.
  1. Link with other Social Media: The more people can know your service, the more possibility to get potential clients. So, for attracting more user to your fan page, link it with your other social media profiles or fan pages. You should like it with Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. These are the leading social media sites. If you can link and share your post with these media, then more clients come to your page.
  1. Use SMS, Print Media, and Newsletter: You can also use short message service (SMS) to make people known about your fan page, business and products.

Still the print media is a powerful tool of marketing. Whenever you publish various print advertisements like business card, template, leaflet, letterhead, products packet, magazine, ad in the newspaper etc. just add your fan page ID with this so that the people can find your page.

You can also make an attractive html newsletter for your customers. Include your Facebook fan page link alongside your welcome or promotional text.

  1. Add a link to your Personal Profile: You may have many friends in your personal Facebook profile. There may have many potential clients also. So, if you like, you can link the fan page with your personal profile. Whenever you share your image, write something with the post providing the link your fan page. You can also add badge button there asking them to join in your fan page.
  1. Use “@ tag” Keyword: From time to time, you can inform your personal audience what is happening in your fan page. You can write a short description about the content that you have shared on the fan page. With this summary, you can add “@ tag” just below the content. To do that, just start typing with @ symbol and then write the first few letters of your fan page, then you can get the full name of your page and add it. In this way, you will get a nice hyperlink. If your friends like the summary, they can go to your page for details by clicking on the @ tag keyword.
  1. Create a Popup: Now it has become common to add an asking popup in the website. You may notice, in many blogs or websites whenever you try to read out, a big popup comes asking to subscribe or join in their fan page. The same thing, you can add in your website asking to join in your Facebook fan page. If your audience does not like it at that time, they can skip it. That is why, you should a skip button in the popup. This is an excellent tool and it works nicely.
  1. Write Interesting Content: While writing content, you should be careful of the public interest. Don’t share always promotional content, write something interesting, but useful article. In this case, you can follow 80/20 trend. Your 80 percent content should be according to the public interest and the 20 percent or less than that of should be for the promotion of your services.
  1. Share Engaging Content, Image, Infographic & Emotion: To get more audiences, fans, likes, shares, clients and ultimately conversions, you have to be a content creator. You should share interesting, informative and really useful content, eye-catching and high quality images, hit the emotion and write sometimes controversial. Know what should be the viral topic and how you can make your content viral from the following list:
  • Write trendy articles
  • Surprise people by unique facts and images
  • Encourage people
  • Create a stunning picture list post
  • Write amusing content
  • Write Controversial
  • Quiz people
  • Providing Warning
  • Relate the secrets of success or reasons of failure
  • Write health, diet and fitness tips
  • Tell people the secrets of love and dating
  • Share the way of long sound life
  • Share heartwarming or brainstorming story
  • Write about money making techniques.

Besides these, use quality images and infographic of the main aspects of your content. Try to understand the emotion of the people before writing.

  1. Use Facebook Analytic: Data analysis bears an unspeakable importance for any business. Since you are using Facebook as a part of digital marketing, you should use Facebook analytic to research the public engagement. You should use analytics to measure the ratio of likes, shares, viewers, impressions and so on. If you can do data analysis properly, then you can get a clear concept of your progression and your future steps.
  1. Ask Question & Quiz: To increase public engagement, you should ask them by your fan page post. Try to have their opinion about your post, image, products or services etc. Appreciate the readers’ comment and try to value them. Sometimes, bid them thanks. In this way, you have to maintain a good relationship with your audience.
  1. Proper Timing of Post Sharing: You have to be tactful in case of post sharing. You should give enough time to the audience to read, to view and to discuss your post. That is why, if you should share your content keeping a regular interval. I recommend 1 or 2 posts daily otherwise they cannot get enough time to see your post. If you share too many posts in a day, it will not bring any profit. Besides, share your content at the lunch time or evening because in this two times, the mass people remain out of jobs and free to browse.


  1. Add Call to Action: Next, you have to place a call-to-action button on your website as well as in your fan page. This button will help your readers to travel in your website. They can know your services and there is a possibility to be your clients. You should participate with other Facebook pages relevant to your niche to publish with the huge number of audience.

However, these are the moving patterns of Facebook marketing for attracting more clients. If you can follow these tips, I hope you can get the success as you desired.