How Ecommerce Giants Are Contributing Communities to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

how ecommerce giants are contributing communities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of things have been changed in different segments of life and business. Along with other important sectors, the e-commerce industry has also been affected badly and got a huge jerk. In this critical moment, many e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, and many more are involving a wide range of actions to help communities around the world. Today in this article, we are preparing to highlight a bunch of e-commerce companies who are trying their best to support people as well as organizations to recover this crisis.

Ecommerce Giants’ Initiatives to Fight COVID-19 Disaster

Since the pandemic crisis occurs, many e-commerce companies have taken steps in aiding communities in different ways. Here, we put together some of their names and their activities taken in recent times.

1. Amazon

Amazon took a number of initiatives to support its employees, customers, and communities in the COVID-19 pandemic. Firstly, they showed concern about the safety of customers and employees. Till now, they have already spent over $800 million and expects to invest approximately $4 billion for this purpose. Besides this, Amazon has increased hourly pay for the workers by $2 in the US, Canada, and many EU countries. As a part of doing something for the community and the advancement of research of this virus, it launched the AWS Diagnostic Initiative that covered $20 million.

Amazon logo

The founder of Amazon & CEO, Jeff Bezos has donated $100 million to fight food insecurity in the US. Also, this giant company committed to providing around $23 million in Europe to support COVID-19 affected people and 8200 laptops to Seattle Public Schools students. Furthermore, it brings another plan of action namely Amazon Future Engineer Program, they are donating 4000 laptops to the US high school students and making computer science resources online. There are many more to come in the list to assist communities in the disaster.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is another popular and giant e-commerce companies around the world with billions of revenues each year. Since the impact of Coronavirus was felt across multiple sectors, it started aiding communities along with individuals and many startups as well. As a helping hand in the area of research to prevent this global threat, it made the AI-powered clouting platform and supercluster for free to power global research institutions. Also, the founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, and the Alibaba Foundations donated millions of medical kits to several countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

Alibaba Logo

After the European countries, the COVID-19 has been seen as a threat in Asia also. That’s why they took the responsibility to donate essential survival equipment to countries like India, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam, including 1.7 million face masks, 165000 test kits and protective clothing for the people who require them most.  Besides these, they are also donating more equipment (7.4 million masks, 485k test kits, PPE, etc.) to 23 countries in Asia. Apart from these, they are also working to aware of the world by publishing handbooks from doctors, hospitals, and health care workers.

3. eBay

Once again, eBay is an American multinational e-commerce company, which has been running since the year 1995 and growing each year. Like the other big giants, it has also taken part in charitable contributions. It started to raise the fund by promoting a program where the donated portion will come from each sale and will be provided to Feeding America, Direct Relief, and Opportunity Fund. eBay is encouraging its customers and sellers by giving discounts on the products they are buying and selling.

Ebay Logo

The funds raised by the donation will be spent on the children who are out of school and living in hunger. Besides this, it will also be used for providing necessary medical equipment to health workers who have devoted themselves to COVID-19 patients. Furthermore, there is also a portion there to support small businesses that have been impacted by the unexpected disaster.

4. Shopify

Shopify along with its partners are responding to the COVID-19 crisis to overcome the situation. They are trying best to the communities both online and real-life with all the efforts they have. As a part of helping their merchants, Shopify decided to support them by sharing their stories on social media as well as their newsletters regularly till the crucial moments end up. Also, they are trying to put together the industry professionals to share their recommendations and favorite products.

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Shopify is also stepping forward with the necessary educational resources that can help the merchants’ partners to achieve long term success with the proper strategies. Besides these, it has expanded the sources of having valuable consultancy from e-commerce experts on how to face this crucial time. In the meantime, Shopify’s CEO and his wife are raising a fund to help communities fight COVID-19 on behalf of their charitable foundation.

5. Walmart

Walmart is among those who take the responsibilities itself to help the communities during any global disaster. Along with the efforts of store associates and partners, they have taken a number of initiatives for the people who need help most. Walmart committed to donating $25 million to support different organizations that are closely responding to this pandemic crisis. The amount will be distributed in different segments. A portion from the donation will be spent to support international efforts to expand COVID-19 drive-thru testing collaborating with its lab partners, HHS, and several states.

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It announced to keep $1o million to aid food banks, school meal programs, and organizations, help ensure families, seniors, and people with disabilities, and assist the communities and individuals who are hungry during this crisis. Another $10 million will be spent to support the communities who are working frontline to save the world. This fund will be used for supplying essential medical equipment like testing kits, masks, PPE, etc. Also, it will help to accelerate endeavors in the development of discovering vaccines and treatments.

6. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the most popular and largest e-commerce companies and online retailers around the world. Initially, it started responding to the Coronavirus situation inside the communities by taking the safety precautions of the employees, customers, and suppliers. It already minimized the risk of maintaining the guidelines given by the World Health Organization.


Besides the internal coverings, they are working to empower communities where possible. Along with the pioneer Genesis Healthcare in Japan, it’s collaborating in the development of a COVID-19 PCR testing kit. The kit is intended for those who are concerned about the possibilities of spreading the virus. Apart from this, it’s also working to educate people around the world through some initiatives through technology.

7. Etsy

Etsy is another giant American e-commerce company that has also been a part to contribute communities to fight COVID-19 pandemic. In this crisis time, the business has been tougher for many sellers and Etsy took the necessary initiatives for them. Initially, it’s investing $5 million over the next months in Offsite Ads credits. It will be spent to promote the products on Google and various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

etsy Logo

Besides these, it’s giving extra time to pay bills so that they can rid of the situation early. All in all, the entire investment is for taking care of the system and people who are trying to help the world through a better service at a minimal cost. Also, it kept an option to donate for the crisis by selling your handmade clothing products and donating an amount for communities.

8. Best Buy

Once again, Best Buy is a popular online retail store that sells electronics, computers, appliances, cell phones, and other regular accessories. Like many other platforms, it also finds the best way to help the nonprofit community during this tough time. The payment has been increasing for the workers who work hourly and provide the service in time. And, another portion of the employees is said to stay home, especially those who are feeling sick at this time.

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Best Buy’s authority will take care of the payment without hassle. As a part of supporting local communities, it started interactive learning spaces namely Teen Tech Centers to explore technology towards youth. Apart from this, it’s also providing regular business updates related to COVID-19 pandemic to increase awareness.

9. Target

Target is a worldwide popular and trustworthy name in the e-commerce industry founded more than a hundred years ago. In the time of the pandemic crisis, it’s working closely for aiding the communities to recover this tough time. As a part of this program, Target is donating $5 million from its $10 million relief effort to state and local community foundations, including Seattle Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund and Greater New Orleans Foundation Disaster Response and Restoration Fund. The donations will mostly spend to help the elderly, homeless, children, and many more.

target logo

Besides this, it’s giving $3 million to the organizations like Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Feeding America who are directly involved in working for the most affected communities. It also committed to providing $1 million in the project of ECHO and UNICEF for supplying essential medical equipment around the world. Apart from these, it rounded out the donation with $1 million for the team members and their families to overcome the financial hardships during the pandemic crisis.

10. Zalando

This time, we come with a European e-commerce retailer namely Zalando, which offers fashion and lifestyle products to its customers. Because of the Coronavirus crisis, it has taken some initiatives to support its small and midsize partners, employees, and other communities. Their strategies, efforts, and investments will be spent to help the people who are in need to get the better of this tough situation.

zalando logo

One of the most unique ways Zalando has taken is that they start selling non-medical face masks for the consumers. The entire profits from these sales will be donated to charity combat COVID-19 pandemic. Also, they are taking a minimal charge as the price to cover the maximum people. The donations will cover food packages, protective equipment, education, and many more.

To Conclude

No doubt we are going through a global disaster and we need a combined effort to recover the world. In this effort, many e-commerce giants are trying to do their best for the communities with all possible efforts. Some of them are contributing financial support to aid poor people, and some are doing for the children who have no other way rather than suffering.

Many e-commerce retailers are supporting the small and midlevel businesses to survive in this crisis period. We tried to showcase the most significant contributions of a few of them in this article for you. Hopefully, we will soon get rid of this crisis with the help of all the giants along with every individual who wishes to have a beautiful world.