Before getting into the photo retouching, let’s ask yourself a question first. How many times have you wished your photos to be recaptured? If you ever have wished something like that, then you should also know that you are not the only one in the queue. There are thousands like you with individual problems and looking for ways to recapture the photo or at least edit the existing one. Commonly this photo editing service is called virtual makeover or digital photo retouching.

So let’s get down to this real straight. Why do you need a photo to be recaptured or want it to be edited? There could be several reasons for that. Here are some common reasons people want virtual photo retouching.


Natural Skin Retouching

Natural Skin Retouching is the most common demand by most of the clients using this service. This has to be done very delicately without distorting the original skin texture. People with rough skin with pimple mark or a bunch of small holes caused by acne scars need to smoothen up their skin with this service.


Eye bag removal

Eye bag removal comes next when we are talking about the photo retouching service. Some of us may have eye bags under our eye from a little size to a big one. In Photoshop, editors very easily can remove eye bags without hampering the natural look.

Braces removal in Photoshop

Braces removal in Photoshop is another popular retouching service. Some of us may not like our braces on our teeth. Although we can’t remove it in real life, at least we can easily get rid of braces in pictures.

Wrinkles, skin blemishes, and spots are a real eyesore for many. We spend thousands of dollars for skin treatment and medication to get rid of these. The good news is, we can now remove wrinkles in Photoshop and look ten years younger or more.

On many occasions, we find a small bit of stray hairs that ruins an entire portrait. Yes, we can’t cut our hair every now and then to avoid unwanted stray hair interruption, we definitely can apply stray hair removal Photoshop technique to get a clear picture.

Some of us don’t like the shape of our face. It’s okay to hate our face shape, but we can’t change it unless some enthusiastic run for cosmetic surgery. For lazy legs like us, Photoshop gives the opportunity of facial reshaping. Also, some cute little fat ones also are worried about their double chin. They should be worrying too much since Photoshop will save their cost of medication by using double chin removal Photoshop technique.

This might seem a bit creepy, but teeth whitening in Photoshop is one of the most popular demands in Photo retouching service. Along with other features, teeth fixing and whitening can give your portrait a flawless outlook.

Above discussed services mainly talk about portrait image. Apart from portrait retouching, there are several other retouching services available. Glamour Retouching, Product Support Removing, Eyes and Hair color changing are some of the other services that are discussed below-


Glamour Retouching

Portrait Retouching is also known as Glamour Retouching. This service can turn a dull picture into a glamorous picture. Although it is closely related to portrait, the word glamour, especially refers to tweaking fashion photographs. If often happens in fashion photography that after the photo-shoot few images do not come out as they were supposed to be. In those cases, by applying glamour retouching Photoshop technique, the makeover is done easily. Eye shadow, lipstick, lip shed, eye liner, eyebrow etc. can be added or removed by using this method.

Hair and eye color change in Photoshop is also very common. The number of people is not too small who actually hate their hair or want a cat’s eye shape. They can now change their hair color or shape of their eyes using Photoshop.

One of the common techniques used in product photography is using various supports to hold the position of the product or keep them in shape. For example, in apparel product photography, photographers often use stand, hanger, clip or holding tools like that. In Photoshop, these tools are removed as if they were never used in the first place.

color experts international

So far, we have covered the basic services of photo retouching. Now let’s look for some graphic designers to get our job done. Yes, this is one of the most crucial tasks for you or any other business company to find the best match. There are thousands of graphic designers working across the globe, but finding ‘the one’ is not an easy task. There should be a connection between your expectation and the designer’s ability or creativity. Also, you must take note that the time span varies for each work from one designer to another. A designer can do something in 30 minutes where another can take more than an hour for the same job. It’s up to you which one you would prefer and what budget would you allocate for a designer.

Here is a tutorial for your understanding!!!

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