Apply These Techniques To Improve Design In Photoshop

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Design In Photoshop is not very tough task. Through using of Photoshop we can do any type of design. As like name, different kind of festive day, dress, logo of company and so on. Which may helps us to familiar with anyone or sometime in different case. So many version of Photoshop’s are available. As like CS, CS2-3 etc. but the latest one is CS8. We can make any kind of effect through using this software.Let’s start designing with it. Create a large screen with 3000 pixels width and 2000 pixels of height. Fill with dark linear gradient layer style and draw a rectangle as background for whole area. Align the gradient of 45 degrees. In this step have special concentration for color. Set dark violet and black as base color. Now with the wrap Tool draw many parallel lines horizontal and vertical or one time horizontal another time vertical. Then group them, duplicate, rasterize and continue this step of 3 times and add some blur.

Design In Photoshop

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After got this randomly pervert the shape through Wrap Transform tool. Go Edit-> Transform->Warp. After completed wrapping press the enter button to confirm it. Use the eraser tool to get surreal lookup of image and intent of shapes, lines, and textures which will enhance the out looking of drawings.

Now we found our perfect shape. Add layer style to live it and open layer style panel. For Outer Glow styles mix Gradient Overlay. Then combined it with Screen, or Overlay as layer Blending Mode. To get the effect have to use gradient fill. Then with brush tool add some round dots and movement. For that go to window->brushes or simply press F5. You can change your brush size, spacing. The range option is very important for this step. After completed the overall task crop it and make a perfect design for you. We got our final image. This looked might surreal and more realistic from another.