Create Soft Stylized 3D Text

Soft Stylized 3D Text

To create a soft stylized 3D text at first open Illustrator or adobe Photoshop update version. Here I would like to use the font of Bifurk. If it’s not available simply download it. Why not this font is thick and work best cause using of thin fonts yields poorer.

Set font size at 77pt, it’s too much large but any time we capable to reduce its size.Now go to Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel. Causes have to change the color to white.

Previous work did in illustrator. Now switch to Photoshop for next work. Place it background to blue and think will work with white.

Now set the layer as like below. Drop Shadow ( blend mode normal, opacity 100, angel 120, distance 0, spread 0, size 5, noise 0 ), outer glow ( structure -> blend mode screen, opacity 75, noise 0, elements -> technique softer, spread 0, size 4, quality -> range 50, jitter 0), satin( structure -> blend mode soft light, opacity 40, angle 19, distance 10, size 25, contour invert), color overlay ( color #e2a1cb, opacity 100), and gradient overlay ( blend mode soft light, opacity 100, style linear, angle 90, scale 100).

In here we will make shadow. Take clone stamp tool and draw something on it. This will look sweet broken up effect. Then use pen tool for creating the shape. Add some color like this type. For this use medium sizes brush and make a bound draw inside that. And remove outside colors of bound. Set the layer to soft light.

Create more creative and attractive background. Here create new documents with size of 40 x 20 pixels; also make sure the background is transparent. If it is not transparent, please remove the background with various techniques like clipping path and layer masking. Then fill half document with the others color. I choose pink, you can choose others. Now our text is in two different colors. Now will create the ring and choose the ellipse tool and add circle beside the text.