April 25, 2022
Types of Film Cuts

10 Types of Film Cuts You Must Know as a Video Editor

A film cut is when the film camera goes from one shot to the next. It’s a transition from one idea to another. While cuts are an integral part of filmmaking, there are a number of different types of film cuts. A film cut is created to achieve one of
April 11, 2022
Best Free Video Cutter Software

10+ Best Free Video Cutter Software 2024 [Windows and Mac]

The Best Free Video Cutter Software in this list will help you get your Videos quickly cut & resized and ready for uploading to the web. If you’ve never heard of the term ‘trimming a video’, it means cutting out unnecessary parts of a video. Perhaps the most obvious application
November 30, 2021
Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $1000

Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $1000

Video editing laptops under $1000 may seem astonishing for many of the users who are planning to prepare a machine having almost all the possible features to edit video clips professionally. Well! There is no limit to getting the best. The more you spend, the better you will grab from
October 30, 2021
How to Improve Video Editing Skills

How to Improve Video Editing Skills: Pro Tips for Beginners

With the rising of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, video editing has also become a lucrative career option for many. Becoming a skilled video editor requires more than just technical know-how. It requires creativity, attention to detail, and a grasp of the art of storytelling. In this
October 13, 2021
Best Online Courses for Video Editing

Best Online Courses for Video Editing (Shortlist for Beginners)

Are you passionate enough to start your career in the video editing and motion graphics industry? If so, you’ll surely need some potential resources to learn all the little technical things to prepare yourself as a professional. Well! In this article, we come up with a shortlist of the best
April 3, 2020
Image Retouching, Video editing, and 3D modeling software

Image Retouching, Video Editing, & 3D Modeling: What Software Professionals Use

In the age of darkroom photo manipulation, photo editing, and retouching were performed by hand and mixing of chemicals in the lab. But now, digital image manipulation and creation are based on the use of different powerful software. It is easier and lesser risky than that before. You can undo
February 2, 2020
Video Editing FAQs

Video Editing FAQs for Beginners – Facts, Myths, and Best Practices

Video editing has been a hot and trendy topic in the era of modern technology. It’s been an essential fact whether you want to promote a service or business globally. Many of the giant companies, as well as many professionals, use this as a fruitful resource and media.  In this
November 12, 2019
Video Editing Basics The ultimate video editing guideline

Video Editing Basics: The Ultimate Video Editing Guideline

Video editing is a phenomenal skill-based work that is tied ins with many other kinds of stuff. Video editing basics is a study out of a long how-to document. It takes the learning of creating an environment, knowing editing software operation, application of numerous effects and presets, sheer creativity, real-time
October 1, 2019
51 Tools for creating motion graphics and animation video

20+ Tools for Creating Motion Graphics and Animation Videos

Animations are not hard to do or physically demanding as it was in its early days of development. Thanks to the advent of technology and its evolution, we can now make animation from the comfort of our home. Back then it was not an easy task to produce 2 minutes
August 20, 2019
Sports photography and videography

Sports Photography and Videography: A Complete Guide

When it comes to any international sport, photography, and videography are closely related to it. Due to the blessings of sports photography and videography, we get updates and news of various sports such as football, cricket, tennis, rugby, etc. online together with visuals in this modern era. On top of