Benefits of Taking Overnight Photo Editing Services

benefits of photo editing services

Most people agree that photography is a boon but some people may opine that it’s a bane. Despite a few negative aspects of photography, everyone agrees that photography has revolutionized the world. It has the magic to produce emotion and vibe in the mind of people as it has the ability to narrate stories. Most companies avail of visuals to create strong brand awareness among the clients. E-commerce site owners, magazine publishers, catalog agencies, and advertising agencies leverage a plethora of images to display their products and designs enchantingly to their clients. But is it possible to get flawless images without editing them? No, definitely. You can edit them yourself but when you have scores of raw images, the best is to approach professional photo editing services to achieve the optimal output.

Even though you can take photo editing services anytime after you click the photos, overnight photo editing services can come in handy plentifully. As there are many image editing companies functioning 24/7, it’s possible for them to render image manipulation services overnight from their respective countries to the clients of the same or different countries. Among various photo manipulation companies, Color Experts International has been operating globally for 30+ years with the utmost clients’ appeasement.

Advantages of Overnight Photo Editing Services

Save Precious Time of the Photographers

Photo editing is indispensable after photos are clicked to augment the image quality. At the same time, it is also a time-consuming task especially for professional photographers who always remain engaged with photography. It is wise and judicious for them to assign their editing tasks to image editing service providers. However, if they allocate their tasks overnight to some of the image processing companies operating 24/7, they can get the works done with perfection within the next day. This will not only save their valuable time but also enable them to deliver these quality photographs to their clients.

Allow the Photographers to Focus More on Photo Shooting

Professional shutterbugs always remain obsessed and preoccupied with their photo shooting. The more they spend on photo shooting, the better it is for their photography career. On top of that, photographers don’t possess professional image enhancing skills and if they engage themselves in this task, it will result in poor quality editing. Eventually, this tarnishes the image of the photographers to their clients. Instead of doing the retouching job themselves, they can approach to the photo processing companies functioning all day and all night. This will allow them to involve themselves with their professional tasks.

Allow the Photographers Extra Time for Personal Activities

Many photographers apart from photography also remain engaged with some other businesses. To carry out these activities, they need to give additional time and this is what they can do overnight by assigning their image manipulation activities to image retouching service providers who remain open day and night 7 days a week. By doing so, not only they can get their work accomplished efficiently but also carry on their other activities smoothly.

Slash Stress from the Photographers

Apart from photographing, it’s also key for the shutterbugs to have a chill and stress-free time. When a photographer tends to carry out a task like an image editing that he usually doesn’t execute or he is not well versed in that, there are high chances it will be nerve-wracking for him. It will take him hours to work on these photos causing uncontrollable stress. He will blunder in every step and end up doing a shoddy piece of task. To get an exemption from this issue, image editing service providers which are active 24/7 can contribute abundantly. The photographers can dispatch their unedited photos to these image manipulation companies for overnight retouching and release their stress.

Allow E-commerce Site Proprietors Generating More Sales

After you snap photographs for e-commerce sites, they are readied for retouching. The photographers can approach the image editing companies anytime after they shoot the images. However, if they wish to increment their sales than usual, they can very well receive photo manipulation service overnight. There are many image processing companies that remain active 24/7 to serve their valuable clients. If you send photographs overnight, the photo editors will process the images within the night utilizing their expertise and experience and deliver high-end photographs for their sites. This will ultimately drive higher sales of their products.

Rush Service in case of Emergency

Many a time, clients ask for urgent delivery of their high volume images overnight for their personal requirements. It is unlikely for the photographers to process these considerable images in such a short span. Even if they casually process the photos, they will turn out to be second-rate photographs. This will not only devalue the photographers but also displease the clients. At the same time, the effort and energy employed in the task will also be pointless. To resolve this issue, the photographers can contact the image touch-up companies who are open 24 hours, 7 days a week and offer rapid processing service. By doing so, they can retain their demand and reputation intact along with rendering top-notch service. Likewise, e-commerce site owners, magazine publishers, and catalog designers can approach to the image editing service providers overnight in urgency as well.

On-Demand Services by Image Manipulation Companies

Image Background Removal

Image background removal is one of the pivotal services rendered by image editing companies. To carry out this task, the deft image editors utilize a pen tool, pen tablet (Wacom), and sometimes the integration of both. Due to the difference in products’ shape, they classify the products in different shapes including basic, simple, complex, compound, super complex, etc.

Photo Background Elimination

Image Source: Color Experts International, Inc.

Clipping Path

Clipping path is a tactic of eliminating background from an image. Image editors employ it in a photograph by creating a path around the edge of the subject by pen tool to iron out the background. In clipping path, the image manipulators cut out a 2D image using Adobe Photoshop. Clipping path can be employed to the photographs that contain objects with sharp and smooth edges (hard) such as table, chair, mannequin, etc. However, it can be applied to the objects with rough edges (soft) along with image masking as well. For example, human hair, furry clothes, blanket, trees, etc. Clipping path service is leveraged by e-commerce site owners, professional photographers, freelancers, graphic design agencies.

Clipping Path-photo editing service

Image Source: Color Experts International, Inc.

Image Masking

The objective to employ both clipping path and image masking is to remove the background from the image and add a fitting background. Image masking is a technique applied in objects having soft edges using a pen tablet (Wacom) which enables hand-drawing of images to maintain perfection. The rest of the portions containing hard edges are drawn by the pen tool of Adobe Photoshop. In image masking services, the image enhancers disclose a portion of an image and hide the remaining portion. When it gets complex to draw minute details of an object having soft edges with clipping path technique, the image processors employ image masking technique. Images having a complex shape with curves and turn, blurred and furry edges, image masking technique is vital to get perfection in background removal. For example, human hair, animal fur, feather, blanket, smoke, flame, lighting, muslin, glass, etc.

Image Masking

Image Source: Color Experts International, Inc.

Wedding Photo Retouching

Very often, due to improper positioning, faulty camera settings, deficit of lighting result in second-rate image quality. These evocative images also contain unwanted objects and incompatible background which distract people from the main subject. Image manipulation companies have seasoned and professional photo processors who possess the expertise and talent to polish the wedding photo quality with the latest version of image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Lightroom to appease the company’s clients. Under wedding photo retouching service, they execute photo culling, photography post-production, HDR photo blending, adding or removing objects, changing or replacing the background, exposure correction, etc.

Wedding Photo Retouching

Image Source: Color Experts International, Inc.

Photography Post-Processing

One of the integral parts of photography is post-processing. After a photo is captured, the output will naturally lack gratifying quality because of various flaws including wrong camera settings, deficient lighting, inappropriate position, etc. Sometimes, the subject of an image contains dark blemishes under the eyes, rough skin, wrinkles in the skin, stray hair, etc. To sort out these issues, photography post-processing service is incumbent. On top of that, some photographs need contrast and exposure adjustment, face and body reshaping, color balance, adding shadows, removing dust, resizing photos, adding watermarks, etc. to optimize the images.

The photo enhancing companies render this service for wedding photo editing, portrait retouching, real estate photo retouching, photo background removal, product photo editing and retouching, jewelry photo retouching, etc.  In the first step of post-processing, the raw images are loaded into the post-production software. Then, the raw photos are enhanced as per the necessity of the clients using various tools such as pen tool, dodge tool, burn tool, healing brush tool, patch tool, etc.

Photography Post-Processing- photo editing service

Image Source: Color Experts International, Inc.

Color Experts International is a world-class image manipulation company headquartered from the USA with the corporate office in Sharjah, UAE, and the production studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have been functioning for over 30 years worldwide. In this long span, we have worked with some of the leading and celebrated sportswear and footwear brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. and received plenty of compliments due to our uncompromising quality.

We have 250+ full-fledged photo processors who possess all the experience and expertise needed to offer superior image editing service to our valued customers. We are client-focused and we know exactly what the clients want from us. This is how we have been gratifying our clients for the past years. We are active 24/7 to serve our clients and so you can send your unprocessed photographs overnight as well. It doesn’t matter which country you come from or what time it is, the only thing you have to do is to reach us either by our e-mail address or by filling Contact Form. If you want to assess our service quality, send us a maximum of 2 images by hitting the Free Trial button.

Our well-known services include clipping path, image masking, image background removal, ghost mannequin effect/neck joint, image retouching, photo restoration, photography post-processing, image shadow service, wedding photo retouching, jewelry photo retouching, real estate photo retouching, vector illustration, and conversion, etc.