Start at the Beginning ! Photoshop Tutorials (Part – 1)


For every new Photoshop users need below information’s for start first. If you haven’t installed Adobe Photoshop tutorials, begin start read some overview on installed and other requirements. For start on working with Photoshop, take a few moments to read my overview of Adobe starting help. You can also see necessary videos, plug-ins, templates, tutorials and much more from web or Adobe Help page.

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Now I will write on installation. For install Adobe, read Adobe Photoshop requirements from CD or DVD cover and compare it with your computer’s configuration.

Install Process: Go to Start – Programs and see how many software are installed in your pc. If you found Adobe Photoshop tutorials then Uninstall it from this way: Start – Settings – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs. Do not do this if you not found. Then enter the installation disc into your DVD drive and follow the screen instructions. Find serial key on your CD/DVD cover page. After enter serial key you will be able to download The Adobe Photoshop software.

After install you can read “Read Me” page for more information.

Productivity Enhancements

Streamlined Interface: By this you can take advantages of self-adjusting docks, work-space presets for specialized tasks and other refinements in the streamlined interface.

Zoomify Report/ Zoom: Export or See full regulations of images in this zoom format.

Adobe Bridge: Organize and manage your images with the new tools – the Loupe tool, filters and stacks from the Adobe Bridge.

Print: Take better control of print with color management.

Adobe Device Central: Make and see artwork on cell phones and mobile devices and see how your photos look on different devices.

Camera Raw: Access raw data at high quality from larger than 150 digital cameras. You can also take camera raw data to JPG/JPEG and TIEF formats.

Image Editing Improvements

Smart Filters: Preserve photo files strength with flexible, nondestructive smart filters. And you can added, replaced or re-edited at any time.

Black and White Conversion: Easily remap colors in an image to help black and white or also Photoshop can analyze the image and recommend conversion settings.

Improved Curves: Operate the color-correction presets for making automatic modifications to help curves. Also you have access to make new curves.

Cloning and Healing: Adjust cloning and healing with clone source and as well as rotate and scale each clone source. You can preview it.

32 – Bit HDR Functionality: You can combine any area of images with a single 32 – bit HDR image with maximum scale using on every tool and features in Photoshop.

A U.S based company which provides image manipulation service is the name of Color Experts International (CEI). For take best service they have Free Trial offer for clients.

(This article will ongoing)

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