3D Modeling FAQs for Beginners – Facts, Myths, and Best Practices


3D character and product models can play a vital role to improve your business condition. If you struggle to scale up your online business, perhaps, you are suffering from inappropriate product presentations. Or if you are a film or movie producer, you should use 3D effects and characters in your film for drawing more attention from the viewers.

Are you thinking a lot about 3D modeling and many questions are hitting on your mind? If so, just read the content and have some ideas on 3D modeling services for an overview. We hope you must get a clear vision of how you will converse with the 3D artists, what tools they are using for creating models, and what the whole working process is.

What is 3d modeling?

3D modeling is the process of creating a mathematical representation of real-life objects using the software on a computer. It creates a 3D presentation of the surface or any object utilizing polygons, edges, and pivot points in a simulated 3D space. The 3D artists create a prototype and complete the work manually for the best result. In 3D graphics, you can see more than 2 dimensions of an object or surface. The 3D objects or images can be rotated for viewing different sides.

Why 3D modeling?

3D modeling is for creating an interactive design of surfaces or objects that will look like real-life things. It is now widely used in the engineering, architecture, and entertainment sectors. 3D characters and particles are greatly used in films and movies for special effects, game development, and commercial advertisements. Whatever humans cannot do and look risky, leveraging 3D objects becomes possible.

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What are the major 3d modeling software?

The professional 3D artists use some of the major 3D modeling software like 3Ds Max, Blender, Maya (free version), Cinema4D, ZBrush, Houdini, Modo, Mudbox, Rhinoceros, etc. A bunch of free 3D modeling tools are available online, but most of them fail to produce pro-quality 3D designs and models.

What are the most taken 3d modeling services?

The architectural and industrial sector, game development companies, entertainment sectors, etc. take 3D modeling services for their products and services. If you breakdown the services, you will get some categories like 3D Interior & exterior modeling, 3D furniture & kitchen appliance modeling, 3D visualization, eCommerce product modeling, gaming pops modeling, industrial machinery modeling, mechanical product modeling, medical equipment modeling, photo to 3D, 3D rendering, and many more.

Why 3d design online is needed for you?

If you want to give the audience an interactive view of your products, you should use 3D product modeling. Due to the 3D product design, potential customers can get the real product view experience. For filmmakers, 3D designs help create special effects and do unthinkable tasks that are impossible for humans.

How do artists create 3d characters or models?

Different tools offer different procedures for creating 3D characters and models. For beginners, it is tougher to understand, but if you spend enough time learning, you can be professional. You must follow the step-by-step process to learn how 3D artists create characters or models. As a seeker of the 3D modeling service provider, if you want to learn the 3D modeling process, you can check out some renowned YouTube channels that teach 3D design.

Where to get free 3d modeling software?

A lot of 3D modeling and character design tools are available on the internet. Some of them are professional paid 3D software, and some tools are free. Zbrush and Blender are free 3D modeling tools you can use professionally. Go to their website and download any of them. They take a donation. Professional 3D modelers use a specific tool for a specific purpose. Sometimes we produce a 3D model combining two or more tools.

What is the 3D modeling work process?

The 3D modeling companies follow some specific working steps, like-

Step 1- Project Initiation Step 2- Design & Modeling
Order Finalization Creating mockup
Brain Storming Take client’s feedback
Define output Start model creation
Select tools Validation of models
Conversion to the desired format

Do the free 3d modeling tools perform well?

Yes, most of the tools can produce professional 3D product models and characters. But, what about the free online 3D software? They cannot produce the appropriate 3D models for commercial purposes, because there is a rendering factor. High-end render can produce lucrative 3D images.

Who are the best 3d model makers online?

A number of 3D modeling service providers are there online. They are offering professional 3D modeling and rendering services. Some of them are Color Experts International, Inc., PTC.com, Formfonts, Makelab, Cadcrowd, and so on. They have been providing 3D modeling services to Interior Designers & Decorators, Architects, Developers, 3D floor plans, and Manufacturers in the top industries like Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Building Product, Gaming, and Automotive.

What types of 3d modeling for kids do you provide?

The 3D artists provide 3D cartoon characters for animation that kids’ favorite. We create comic characters, gaming heroes, characters for films that are produced for kids, and more. Only that, the 3D experts create toy models for kids and bring output through 3D printing.

3d modeling software mac?

Almost all the 3D modeling and character design software are worth installing in Mac OS. Whatever you can run on windows, you can do as well on Mac. The following list is for 3D tools that you can use on Mac.


Autocad OpenSCAD Free CAD
Blender Meshmixer Autocad Civil 3D
3Ds max Rhinoceros Pixologic
AutoDesk Collection Maya

Can Automatic 3D modeling software generate the best characters and models?

You can try an online automatic 3D model or character design tool, but it is pretty sure that you will not get the desired result. Automatic 3D software fails to create models and characters as per your requirements. On the other hand, if you take manual 3D product modeling on desktop tools by the skilled and experienced, you will get the 3D models that you need. You can edit anytime and generate any formats according to your need.

What are the best 3D mobile apps?

If you are looking for 3D applications for your mobile phone, the following list can be useful for you. All these apps are worth running on Android, Mac, and Windows Phone.

Morphi Sculptura Sharp3D
Microsoft 3D Builder Putty3D AutoCAD
Thingiverse Umake Onshape
Qlone 3DC eDrawings
Qubism Sketchup Luna Display

What are the 3D formats?

The 3D designers should have knowledge of 3D file formats, types, and features. Get here a list of 3D file formats.


However, the clients and the beginner 3D artists have thousands of frequently asked questions. We tried to cover here some of them. Going through the whole content, you must get an idea of 3D character modeling, its tools, working process, file formats, and many more.