Top 10 Photoshop Tools That You Need to Master Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is the most popular image editing software in today’s world. People now use it for both personal and professional use of photoshop tools. It helps in a good number of ways to keep the glorious memories lively and attractive. The flaws of regular photographs are overcome through it. Many designers think it as a revolution in the history of image manipulation. Digital image editing has experienced a complete change after Photoshop has been popularized.

Selections: As the first step to the Photoshop program, a beginner gets introduced to the concept of making a selection. Selection is done for a great number of reasons. But for all of those, a correct and appropriate selection is important. Actually selection in this program means the choosing of…

How Graphic Design Worked Before There Was Photoshop


Photoshop, the program: Now a day’s image manipulation has been a common work both for personal and commercial purpose. By having a snap, people now actually start their photography. Editing those snapped photographs comes next to it. It is so prominent that there is hardly any images that are used without having the touch of manipulation. In doing this, the best used software is Adobe Photoshop. Though there are several other programs that may be of great use, Photoshop has been the key tool for the image manipulators. Is has been so famous that the phrase for image editing is now replaced with the verb “Photoshop”.

Beginning of Photoshop: Photoshop program was first developed by two American brothers in 1987. Later they sold the distribution license…

Recreate Pride Facebook Rainbow Effect in Abode Photoshop – Dynamic Gif Tutorial


Let’s recreate a Pride Facebook Rainbow Effects in Adobe Photoshop. So first open your image with Adobe Photoshop. For that you will have to go through the steps below.
For this you will need two image file:

  1. Your base image (the image where you want to add the effect) and
  2. A rainbow flag image. You can search in Google for rainbow flag and download it.

Open Adobe Photoshop: So firstly you have to open your Photoshop application. I have used Photoshop latest version Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. But you can use any Photoshop version form CS3 to CC. Keyboard Short-cut (Ctrl+O)

Now you have to open your base image file where we…

Fascinating Photoshop Shadow Create Tactics


If use the phrase “Photoshop shadow create” for search on the web, you will have a list of websites explaining how to create shadows behind a person or object in a photo for realism. In this brief article, we will shed some light on the art of creating shadows behind an object or person in an image and the importance of it.

What will you do about a photo where a drop shadow is not as realistic as it should be? An easy way out is to create an apparently real cast shadow. When the sun is going down or when a person is standing under the light of a streetlight,…

Little Known Facts About Clipping Path Service


The Internet has turned this world into a global village. You can get a lot of things done right from the comfort of your home or office. One such job that you can outsource is called clipping path service. Let us know what clipping path service is and why you should choose us instead of hundreds of other companies out there.

What is clipping path?

We use special image editing tools for clipping path. In this technique, our experts create an outline around an object an image. It is also known as a closed vector path. The primary purpose of image masking technique is to cut an image out from its background. Apart from this clipping path also involves giving a different shape to objects in an image, editing a…