Photo Masking

Photo Shpping with Clipping Mask

Other than Clipping Path, you can pluck out any of photograph with the Lasso or Marquee Tools. However, by employing a clipping mask, you will not lose any of the initial image, and you’ll be able to alter and experiment with the mask till you get the define you wish.

Lets go for Photoshop shaping and masking.

Copy an image into a brand new document (NEVER work on your original raw photo — you do not wish to hit save inadvertently and lose it.)

In the higher hand corner of your Tools palette, opt for the Elliptical Marquee Tool. If it is not showing, click and hold down no matter icon’s there and choose the ellipse.

Draw an elliptical shape on your image. Hold down the shift key to induce an ideal circle. when you giving up, you’ll be able to place your indicator over the choice, click and drag to maneuver the choice define outline.

From the Layers menu, click on the notepad button to create a brand new layer. Or select for New Layer from the Layer menu at the highest of the screen.

Select the Paint Bucket between the tools menu. Drag your chosen space within the NEW LAYER. make certain that it is a new layer, not a layer with the image!

In the Layers menu, steering the clipping mask (the oval) layer down one slot, so it’s currently below or behind the image’s layer.

Alt-click for windows PC or opt-click for Mac between the 2 layers within the Layers menu to line very cheap layer of the combine to be a mask or stencil.

Make sure you’ve got still got the oval masking layer chosen within the Layers Palette, NOT the photograph. Currently go up to the highest of your screen, and below the choose menu choose inverse. You’ve got currently chosen everything except the oval.

Under the “Select” menu, choose “Feather…” and a tiny low radius. Here, I chose 3. Then hit the delete key! this is not deleting your original image. Rather, it’s deleting the sides of the mask, creating them fuzzier. I found deleting doubly got the impact I wished.

Now Save for web.