Making color photo by Photoshop Clipping Mask


photoshop clipping mask

Are you want to clipping out an image with a cool style of any shape and size? Read below instructions and go on this:

After open a new blank document paste a photo into a this Photoshop document & open the Layers menu (From the “Window” Menu)

Select a shape from the Shape icon. You may use an Ellipse tool (also create circles), a rounded rectangle, or custom shapes (some are attached, and there are thousands of Photoshop Custom tools available from the internet).

Draw your shape. Don’t worry, it will not hide the image once you are done. simply think about it just like the hole during a stencil.


In the Layers menu, drag the Clipping Mask one slot down therefore it’s right below the image’s layer.

In the Layers menu, Alt-click for make the border within the two layers. (Option-click on Mac.) This will make the bottom layer in a mask.

Here you will get the result. When you will go to “Save for Web,” saving as a JPG format will be replace the document background with white. If you save it as a PNG or GIF, you have an option to leave the background transparent.

Are want to create the style even fancier? When you will select the Clipping Mask layer is selected from the layers menu, click on the F icon, OR go to “Layer Style” from the Layer Menu from the top of your screen. You can add an outline, a drop shadow, & many other effects! It will a gray color, 1-pixel-wide stroke, plus drop shadow.

If you learn it clearly then you will be able to learn clipping mask tricks. Also for video tutorial you can search web for video tutorial. There you will find more informative videos. I wish you will find helpful tips by my this article.