Have you found any picture last week while shifting your house or last month’s yard sale? Do your old scrapbook pictures look pale and fade? Or has your child torn the pictures from your wedding album? If you face any of these or similar problems like these, you don’t need to worry at all. By the blessings of technology, now we have the magical wand to revive the authentic essence of your photo, no matter how worse the condition of your photo is.

Due to technological limitations, previously we used analogue cameras to capture photos and negatives to develop the actual images. During 80’s and 90’s, this had been the only method we applied for photo capturing and developing purpose. All of us have these images preserved in photo albums or photo holders. Since, these images have been printed on paper and since paper has a certain longevity, most of these 20 or more years old pictures are now fading and losing the color. Many photos are torn and bad in condition.

Even if they are not too old, brand new photos are often torn and hampered in many ways. However, these images can be saved from getting completely destroyed by using image restoration services in Photoshop. Any kind of corrupt images are delicately edited by using different Photoshop tools. You can also revive any of your hazy image by blurred image restoration.

Digital image restoration is one of the most complicated services in Photoshop. It takes highly skilled graphic designers with lots of time and patience. Let’s break down the process in brief to give you a better idea about how it actually works.


Clear your attics, blow the dust off, and scan them up

The first thing you need is to open up the dusty old boxes in your attic and remove the dust. Select which photos you want to send for old photo restoration service. The next thing is to scan them perfectly, meaning they should be as clear as possible. If the pictures are torn into pieces, you have to make it a single piece by joining them using scotch tape. Once your photos are ready, scan them and make the files organized in a folder ready to send.

What graphic designers do?

After receiving files from you, graphics designers get to work. They open up the images in Photoshop and analyze the photo. It takes some time to determine what tools and what approaches should be applied to the photos. There are some basic tools used in most cases. The first thing they do is creating multiple layers so that they can divide work based on specific needs. Each layer is created for a specific purpose.

In order to remove the marks of torn parts or joint, graphics designers use healing brush tool, spot healing brush tool, clone stamp tools, patch tool etc.If a part of the picture has major damage, designers select the area with pen tool and then remove the spots. To brighten up the picture dodge tool is used to control the opacity.

Things that are carefully handled

In order to retain the original look and appeal of the photo, graphic designers have to consider some important factors very carefully. The features one need to remember always while photo restoration are- color contrast, light, shadow, image border, crop, resize, spots, dust, smudges, stretches, exposure correction, brightness etc. Therefore, it is needless to recommend that you must look for some experienced and expert graphic designers to tweak your old photo bulks.

One of the most unique and fascinating features of image restoration is the blind image restoration. There are many photos that have their parts missing. For these kinds of photos blind image restoration service is the only solution. If you have any picture that has its part missing, don’t worry. Just send them to any good image enhancement and restoration service and get the best output possible.



Unlike other image manipulation service it is quite difficult to quote a fixed price for image restoration. Each image is distorted and torn in different ways. Therefore, each image requires special analysis before coming to a decision regarding price. There are many affordable image restoration service providers who can do the job for you with a very competitive rate.
According to our 30+ years of image restoration experience, the most common cases of picture restorations are torn and ripped photo repair, molded photo restoration, and water damaged photo repair. Other than these frequent services, we have been often requested to do image enhancement services. Even the picture is not too old or too damaged, with this service, you can polish your picture quality and enhance the appeal of your photo.

Our company Color Experts International has a skilled workforce of 200 exceptional and experienced graphic designers who are dedicated enough to undertake any kind of image manipulation in Photoshop. We want you to cherish your memories for a lifetime. That is why we offer a dedicated service to our clients worldwide to turn their old photos into digital images so that they never get fade away.

You are always welcome to try our Free Trial feature which, we believe, will definitely help you to take your decision. We are waiting for your mail.

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