How A Graphic Design Company Can Help Wedding Photography Business

graphic design company for wedding photography business

Wedding moment can be considered one of the most important moments of a person’s life. It is a very much precious memory of a person who is going to lead a new life with his/her partner. Photography, nowadays, is a common part of a wedding ceremony. Everybody wants to freeze their memories in the form of photographs. So a beautiful photograph creates a great impression. The credit of nice photographs undoubtedly goes to the man who is holding the camera. Sometimes a graphic design company can play a vital role by providing photo retouching services to a busy photographer, who is always busy with his stunning photography session

So, it is a great source of income or business for a graphic design firm if it focuses on wedding photo retouching services. In a big wedding ceremony, hundreds or thousands of photos may be captured.  So if you are a graphic design company owner and a provider of a good photo editing service, you can take the chance to boost up your business by editing wedding photographs.

weeding photography how to start

How to Start

If you’re going to start a wedding photography business, you will have to get certain things to move forward. Some companies have done without some of the following items but to be honest that strategy may not work. These are just the basics to get you started. You can build up your equipment later on.

You need the things mentioned below-

-Website (with a secure gallery for customers) and email

-Marketing plan

-Photography equipment and home office

-Photo editing gadgets

-A second photographer

-Insurance, taxes, business license, and bank accounts

1) Import your images


First of all, you have to collect all images from your clients. They may send files via email or FTP (file transfer protocol) server of your website. FTP is the best option as it is very much easy to upload and download images by using it.

 2) The Customer is always right-remember it!


Always try to maintain the directions and requirements of customers. Because it’s easier and cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. The same goes for the wedding photo retouching business. If you learn how to make your customers happy you’ll get repeat business, referrals, and a better reputation within your community. The most important things you should remember–

–Keep your commitments. If you can complete the work within your mentioned deadline with good quality, it will make your customer happy and build a relationship of trust.

–Give a quick reply to every email or attend each phone call. Delay in e-mail reply or inability to attend calls may annoy your clients.

–Be courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful before, during, and after the wedding.

–Always keep in your thoughts that this is someone’s special day – When you have edited your 30th wedding and you are looking at your 600th picture at that wedding, remember that while this is a job for you, it’s someone’s wedding day.

3) Get a great photo editing set-up

photo editing setup for wedding photography business

Only a graphic design firm with a great photo editing setup can provide the best wedding photo editing service. Try to get the most updated and powerful computers, laptops, pen tablets, and photo editing software. These will help to make your work smooth.  But it doesn’t mean you have to go into debt to get it done. Be budget-friendly. Cut your coat according to your clothes.

4) Editing photos

wedding photo retouching

Ask your customers whether they have any specific editing requirements or not. After confirmation, start your editing work. You may use Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, or Lightroom for editing wedding images. Try to give festive look to your photos. Also, remember that you are editing images of someone’s memorable moments. So be responsible and careful while editing such images.

5) File submission

File Submission!

After editing and quality checking, contact your customer (wedding photographer, wedding photography studio). Ask your clients in which procedures/he wants to get final files. Besides, you may give them some options such as the access to use FTP customer ID to receive or send image files. Also, keep the option for re-editing works if required.

By maintaining a proper workflow, dedication, and good relationship with clients; a graphic designer can help a lot of other wedding photography studios. Benefits are for both sides.