How E-commerce Giants are Aiding the Communities amid the COVID-19 Crisis

E-commerce Companies are Aiding the Communities

What’s the biggest concern for the world today? No doubt, it’s the COVID-19 crisis. Coronavirus has already taken away tens of thousands of lives across the globe and is still affecting people severely. So far, no vaccine for the virus has been invented but attempts are ongoing to produce vaccines for this life-threatening disease. Health experts and doctors are suggesting people to adopt various ways to prevent this infectious disease from transmitting to communities.

The world leaders have already taken initiatives to navigate with this dire situation. Many of the countries have declared to offer free foods and money to every citizen of their countries as a way to limit their movement outside. But surely, to cope with this fatal crisis, only governments’ moves are not sufficient rather businesses have to also come out to aid people as per their ability. Among various businesses, e-commerce companies are at the forefront to help and fulfill the needs of the people.

Let’s highlight how e-commerce companies have stepped up to extend their helping hands to facilitate the regular needs of masses amid the current COVID-19 lockdown.

Home-Delivery Service:Home-delivery service

Almost all the countries are undergoing lockdowns partially or thoroughly. In this crisis, people were instructed to stay at their homes and quarantine themselves. Except for urgency like visiting hospitals, pharmacy, and grocery, they are not allowed to wander around outside. This is where e-commerce companies come into play with their home-delivery service. People are snapping up their necessary products online and receiving them without going outside. In this way, the e-commerce companies are not only assisting the people to receive their ordered items duly but also ensuring maintain safe social distance from one another.

Discount Offer:

Discount offer

Many people have already lost their jobs and some are in the process of layoff due to the economic recession. Some are still employed but they are not receiving their remuneration due to slack in businesses. But that doesn’t deny the fact they don’t need their daily necessary commodities. To survive, they have to purchase their daily necessary items. So, if they get their required items at a reduced price, surely it will be satisfactory for them during this crisis. Most of the e-commerce companies are now offering rebates on their products more or less to intrigue buyers and slash their cost-concerns.

Payment System:

Payment System

Physical contact is hazardous during this COVID-19 catastrophe as the virus can transmit from one person to another infecting the person. Health experts and physicians have already advised people regarding maintaining safe social distance and taking preventive measures like washing hands with soaps and hand-sanitizers regularly. Now, when it comes to making payments of purchased products, e-commerce companies are offering online payment facilities as a way to avoid physical contact with the delivery men. They are also sending regular notifications to their clients stressing on making the payments online as opposed to manual payment.

Free and On-time Delivery:

Free and On-time delivery

Buyers after ordering their necessary items online, anticipate the delivery of the product in due time. At times, it’s vital for them to receive their ordered items duly or else they may land into massive difficulties. No matter whether they are food items or any other products, they can fulfill the urgent requirements of people. In this disaster, doctors and health experts are advising to use soaps, hand-sanitizers, face-shields, and gloves. There can be situations when people may require these items at a rapid pace to avoid likely dangers. E-commerce companies are picking up this fact and trying their level best to deliver the ordered products duly and complimentarily as well.

Abundant Stocks:

Abundant Stocks

In this critical time, if stocks in the carts are limited, people are bound to suffer. E-commerce store owners are well-aware of this and they are ensuring sufficient stocks in their carts so that people don’t fail to buy their necessary items. Whether they are food items, healthcare products, or other items, they are making sure all the arrangements so that they get adequate and timely supplies from the distributors. This hardly allows buyers to fail buying their desired products anytime.

Fresh Foods and New Products:

Fresh foods and New products

For sound health and body, there is no alternative to fresh foods. Even though many food and beverage companies are facing hurdles to continue their productions, e-commerce companies are steadfast to continue their operations smoothly. They are assuring that customers don’t purchase rotten foods and harm their health by regularly replacing the old foods with new foods. This allows the buyers to get fresh foods as they want. Likewise, e-commerce stores also regularly swap other old products especially the healthcare products at this stiff time to create a better user experience and protect people from likely hazards.

Subsidies to Fight Coronavirus:

Subsidies to fight coronavirus

During this critical moment, billions of dollars are needed to produce vaccines, new medicines, and other essential healthcare products. Apart from that, regular and adequate food supplies are indispensable to survive in this tough situation. Compared to the needs of people, only governments’ funding is insufficient. It requires private companies to come up and chip in. Companies including e-commerce companies like Alibaba, Walmart, Flipkart, etc. have already offered substantial subsidies to combat the COVID-19 and aid communities.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to deteriorate, the availability of more and more funds has become incumbent to combat the COVID-19 calamity. Businesses have collapsed signaling an economic recession shortly.  People have already started to experience the negative impacts of the lethal disease caused by this severe virus. Already, the virus has snatched many lives and still, people are being afflicted and dying due to the ruthlessness of it. Given this horrendous and unprecedented circumstances, resources and relief are badly required.

Even though many companies along with e-commerce giants have stepped up and mobilized to navigate with the situation, more efforts are needed to overcome this untoward circumstance. We still don’t know how long this coronavirus disaster will linger. But what we want to see is a concerted effort from all the people across the globe to ensure a safe, optimistic and better world.