8 Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera in 2024

Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera

Struggling to carry your camera from one place to another? Perhaps, you have already tried tote bags, backpacks, and other types of carriers. But you didn’t get the comfort that you expected while carrying your camera.

What you need is a comfy and lightweight but durable camera carrier. This is where 3 point slingers or sling straps will come into play.

In this write-up, we have brought together 8 nice and nifty items that would be instrumental in helping you to find the suitable 3 point sling strap.

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What is 3 Point Slinger for Camera?

A 3 Point Slinger for Camera is a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind strap that keeps your camera safely attached to your body while you ramble, stroll, or drive. As the name reflects, a 3-point slinger boasts three points of contact. Ironically, most 3-point sling straps only attach to the camera by one point. But they attach to your body in different ways.

It is not conducive at all times to carry the camera in your backpack. Not only that, it’s also sickening to pick out the camera from your bag when taking an instant picture. That’s why inventors have produced the three-point slinger, which makes a quick transition from bearing your camera kit to a photoshoot.

Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera: 8 Popular Items

To make your job easier, we have rounded up 8 top-notch three-point slingers for your camera. No matter whether you own a DSLR, compact, bridge, mirrorless, action, or even film camera, these 3 point slingers will work for all of them.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the round-up-

1. BlackRapid

The first 3 point slinger in this round-up is BlackRapid, a pioneer of the camera sling and 3-point slinger. It is well-known and idolized by the wider camera community. Durable, comfortable, and packed with killer features, the BlackRapid Sport is perfect for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

BlackRapid 3 point slinger

The BlackRapid Sport features an adjustable strap with an ergonomically designed breathable shoulder pad, providing optimal comfort and stability. This 3-point slinger comes with an underarm stabilizer that keeps the shoulder pad in place as you slide the camera back and forth for comfortable shooting.

The strap has bumpers that can hold the camera in one spot to keep it stabilized when not in use. If your priority is high quality materials and ease-of-use, BlackRapid can be a great choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an adjustable strap with bumpers and an integrated underarm stabilizer.
  • Offers Curved pad made with a combination of nylon mono mesh, TPE foam, polyester, and air mesh
  • FastenR camera base plate attachment available
  • ConnectR swivel locking carabiner with LockStar is available.
  • Comes with a black mesh bag as well

2. Waka

Waka Camera sling

This Waka Camera sling can be a budget-friendly option for photographers looking for a heavy-duty sling strap that simply carries out the job. You won’t find anything fancy in this, but it’s robust, affordable, and has all the basic features one would seek in a sling strap.

The Waka Professional DSLR Camera Shoulder Strap features a sturdy adjustable strap (able to support full-size DSLRs) and a hard-wearing shoulder pad with a pocket for storing tiny essentials such as extra batteries or memory cards.

This sling strap is fitting for taller photographers better as the strap tends to hang low even at its shortest adjustment. On the flip side, the adjustment buckle comes right to where the camera rests at the bottom of the strap so you may have it hit your leg as it hangs when you walk.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an adjustable and quick-release strap
  • Offers anti-slip shoulder pad with zippered storage compartment
  • Features metal plate with anti-slip rubber padding
  • Extra safety tether available

3. Altura

Similar to most of Altura Photo’s products, the Altura Rapid Fire Neck Strap offers high value. This Altura Sling is a simple and convenient camera sling that’s easily adjustable.


The Altura Photo Camera Strap comes with a shoulder pad and base plate camera connector. The shoulder pad contains a zipper pocket for storing essentials such as memory cards and batteries.

On top of that, for your mental peace, it contains a safety strap and a rubber-backed plate that lets you attach a tripod screw. However, it’s not very robust and doesn’t seem very durable with cheap plastic components. However, for a newbie photographer who is just trying out different camera accessories, including camera slings, it can be a stellar budget option.

Star Features:

  • Boasts easy to adjust strap
  • Contains shoulder pad with storage compartment
  • Metal mounting plate with anti-slip rubber bottom available
  • Offers safety tether

4. USA Gear TrueSHOT

If you are in search of a 3 point slinger for camera that is reasonable, comfortable, and holds some useful features, USA Gear TrueShot can be your ideal choice. Because it comes with a sturdy nylon strap, adjustable lock, and some additional features you would aspire to.


Injecting comfort and strength, the strap allows you to tote the heaviest cameras on the market without causing any discomfort. It’s never easier to lug around your camera on an all-day photo shoot or hiking adventure! USA Gear TrueSHOT can be your real assistant in that case.

Apart from that, it comes with an underarm stabilizing strap and a shoulder pad. The shoulder pad is made from very comfy neoprene and comes with an easily accessible integrated memory card pocket, as well as an elastic pocket with a velcro closure.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an adjustable strap with quick-release reversible buckles
  • Detachable underarm strap
  • Neoprene shoulder pad with built-in SD card pocket and elastic pocket available
  • Screw on a metal plate for adjustment
  • Tether strap for safety and security 

5. Ocim

If you’re hunting for the best point slinger for the camera, you should check out the Ocim 3 point slinger. This nice little device will let you easily and quickly sling your camera around your neck, so you can have it ready to go at a moment’s notice. However, Ocim camera slinger is not the budget slinger.

Ocim 3 point slinger

The Ocim Sling Strap features a strong adjustable strap with a thick shoulder pad that’s locked in place by an adjustable underarm strap. Much like the BlackRapid Breathe line, the strap attaches to the bottom of the camera through a stainless steel mount screw, that connects to a metal carabiner with a locking mechanism.

The Ocim 3 point slinger is made of premium materials, and it’s designed to be comfortable to wear. It also comes with a handy and functional carrying case, so you can keep your camera safe when you’re not using it. The strap of the slinger has a lock system so that you can lock it according to your ease and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Breathable shoulder pad for easy air flow
  • Easy and simple to adjust strap
  • Locking metal carabiner available
  • Easily adjustable underarm strap too
  • Stainless steel mount screw with anti-slip rubber as well

6. Foto & Tech

Foto & Tech is a camera strap designed to keep high security as the number 1 priority. To hinder scratches, slippage, or accidental falls, it adopts an industry-quality rubber pad and a backup safety tether that would protect your camera.

Foto & Tech

It has a cozy shoulder strap that can be adjusted to fit any body size. Besides, it features three quick-release buckles that make it easy to take your camera on and off. The sling also has a built-in rain cover that will keep your camera dry in wet and moist weather.

This padded camera shoulder sling is compatible with SLR, mirrorless, DSLR, and compact cameras. The camera’s materials and design provide mental peace and extra security if the original strap attachment fails.

Key Features:

  • Enables fast release
  • Adjustable & useful padded shoulder sling strap
  • Safety tether for tying
  • DSLR camera strap cam neck strap available
  • Works with Nikon, Canon, Sony Olympus, & Fujifilm


The JJC NS-PRO1M comes with most of the perks that you would usually hunt for in a camera sling. As such, it boasts a protection chain secured with a lockable carabiner. Aside from that, it has an underarm stabilizing strap and a padded shoulder strap.

JJC NS-PRO1M- 3 point slinger

For several reasons, the JJC NS-PRO1M 3 Point Slinger for Camera is one of the top-most 3-point slingers for cameras. Firstly, it is made of top-notch materials that will last a long time. Secondly, it is adjustable to fit almost any camera. Apart from that, it has a padded grip that makes it comfy to use along with a carrying case protecting your investment.

But the remarkable addition is the camera plate. The strap connects to the camera with an Arca Swiss quick-release tripod plate. This is the most popular tripod plate system leveraged by many manufacturers. So, if you have an Arca Swiss compatible tripod, look no further than this one.

Key Features:

  • Rapid shoulder neck sling strap Belt available
  • Offers a breathable & comfortable shoulder pad
  • Comes with Arca Swiss Type QR plate strap eyelet
  • Boasts adjustable quick-release sling strap
  • Features cross body & camera strap

8. PiuQ

PiuQ 3 point slinger for camera

The PiuQ 3 point slinger for camera is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a versatile and affordable camera sling. This sling can be deployed with any type of camera, from DSLRs to point-and-shoots, and can be easily adjusted to fit any body size.

The PiuQ connects to the tripod screw on the base of your camera. The screw-in eyelet boasts a rubber base to protect your camera body. The strap length adjusts up to 21.5″ (55 cm) and it attaches to the eyelet with a lockable carabiner. An under-arm strap stabilizes the thick and padded shoulder strap. The scratch protection is a cool addition. The shoulder pad is long-lasting too.

The three-point design provides extra stability and security, while the padded shoulder strap ensures comfort during long days of shooting. The built-in quick-release system facilitates switching between cameras or quickly accessing your gear. The best part about the PiuQ slinger is it is low-cost.

Key Features:

  • High elastic SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) Diving Fabric for all-grip and non-slip
  • Underarm strap for stabilizing the shoulder pad and preventing it from slipping
  • Removable shoulder pad with a 3-button quick-release safety lock
  • Ergonomic right-handed camera strap with adjustable length for comfortable wear
  • Optional safety tether for extra protection against accidental drops or mishaps

How to Choose a Better 3 Point Slinger for Camera?

Selecting a high-quality 3-point camera sling system requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some steps to help you choose the best option:

Determine Your Needs:

Consider how you plan to use the camera sling system. Will you be using it for casual, professional shoots, or outdoor shots? Different situations may require different features, such as durability, comfort, and ease of use.

Research Brands and Models:

Look for reputable camera sling system brands known for their quality and reliability. Read reviews from other photographers and check for any known issues or complaints. Compare different models within your budget to find the one that meets your requirements.

Check Material and Build Quality:

Examine the materials used in the camera sling system. Look for durable and high-quality materials that can withstand the weight of your camera and provide stability. Check for reinforced stitching, sturdy buckles, and durable straps that can handle the load.

Consider Comfort:

Comfort is crucial when it comes to using a camera sling system for extended periods. Look for features such as padded shoulder straps, adjustable length, and ergonomic design that distribute the weight evenly across your body, reducing strain and fatigue.

Check for Security Features:

Your camera is valuable, and you want to ensure it stays safe while using a sling system. Look for security features such as a locking mechanism, anti-slip straps, and a strong connection to the camera to prevent accidental drops or theft.

Test Ease of Use:

Consider how easy it is to attach and detach your camera from the sling system. Look for quick-release buckles, smooth adjustment mechanisms, and intuitive controls that allow you to access your camera quickly and easily when needed.

Consider Versatility:

Think about how versatile the camera sling system is for different shooting styles. Look for adjustable configurations that allow you to carry your camera in various positions, such as across the chest, back, or hip, depending on your preferences and shooting requirements.

Budget Considerations:

Set a budget and look for a camera sling system that offers the best value for your money. While it’s important to invest in a high-quality product, make sure it aligns with your budget and meets your specific needs.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Check if the camera sling system comes with a warranty and if the brand provides reliable customer support. A good warranty and responsive customer service can give you peace of mind and ensure you have support in case of any issues.

Over to You…

If you are into professional photography, you can easily grasp the necessity of a camera carrier or a strap for your camera. And we can assure you that there is nothing better than 3 point slingers to carry your camera regardless of its size, shape, and weight.

In this post, we not only rounded up the best-in-class sling straps but also highlighted their key features. This will help you to understand each of the straps optimally and pick the one that fulfills your needs by all means.

Once you find the right fit for you, don’t defer to pick that up. After all, professional photography demands perfection from you!

Common FAQs on 3 Point Slinger for Camera

What are the advantages of using a 3 point sling for a camera?

A 3-point sling for a camera offers several benefits, including improved stability and comfort, smoother access to your camera, and the capability to swiftly switch between shooting positions.

What are some of the best 3 point slingers for cameras?

Some of the best items include the BlackRapid, Waka, Altura, PiuQ, etc.

What should I look for when choosing a 3 point sling for my camera?

When selection of a 3-point sling for your camera, you should peek for a model that is comfortable to wear, safe, and sustainable. You may also wish to consider factors such as adjustability, weight capacity, and ease of use.

Can I use a 3 point sling with any type of camera?

While many 3-point slings are designed to operate with a wide range of camera models, it’s significant to check the compatibility of a particular sling with your camera before buying.

How do I attach a 3 point sling to my camera?

However, in general, you will need to attach one end of the strap to the camera’s tripod mount and the other two ends to the strap loops or eyelets on the camera body. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual thoroughly to ensure a secure attachment.