3D Modeling Software: Reviews

3D Modeling Software

Every 3D software can produce almost all types of 3D modeling works. Some can produce really the tremendous models that a 3D artist dreams, and also there are some that are not up to that mark. Sometimes, because of not having proper skills, an artist may fail to create models as clients’ need. However, the best 3D modeling output comes from the combined work of 3D modeling tools’ capacity and features, and the skills of the 3D artists.
A lot of 3D modeling tools are available in the market. Some of them are them are costly that depends on the tools, options, features, and the capacity of producing outstanding results. Here we are going to discuss some well-known 3D modeling software and we try to find the best one that will be perfect for the professional and the novice 3D artists.

3Ds Max:

Autodesk 3Ds

3Ds Max is the best for architectural modeling software convenient for Windows users. 3D artists work with 3DS Max for film production, VFX, and architectural product modeling. It has a very rich toolset that allow the 3D artists to create anything professional like Maya. Its modeling process is easier for the beginners and also 3DS Max is easier than its sister tool Maya. It is highly professional tool with subscription based pricing, but the tool is free for the students. 30 days free trial is also available you can take this advantage.

Autodesk Maya:

autodesk maya
Maya is mostly used 3D computer software for character modelling, texturing, lighting, and simulation, rendering, and rigging perfectly. It is incredibly powerful for its rich options and varieties of functionality. Autodesk Maya is the best tool for character animation. Its awesome toolset will allow you to create anything you want professionally. This industrial strength powerhouse tool can be run both in windows OS and Mac OS with full capability. Maya is the first choice of the maximum 3D artists because of its wide range of tools and features. It is pretty much complicated to learn and you have to spend much time. It is a costlier tool, but if you are passionate and want work with Maya professionally, then it is a sound investment.



Blender is known for its rich and responsive community along with full capability of modeling. As a free tool, here a lot of people contribute and support others. If you are on a fixed budget, then Blender is perfect for you as the free modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering application. Its artist friendly interface will give you almost countless features and professional quality viewport. The interactive real-time rendering will make your work easy.
If you are a beginner, this open-source tool can be your best design company. You will get here necessary all the toolset of modelling and sculpting not less well than any other premium tool.



If you want to do sculpting of anything, Zbrush can be your first choice. This market- leading sculpting will provide you rich sculpting and modelling toolset so that you can create anything you need. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS, and also less costly than many other same performing 3D software. For the beginners, to learn Zbrush is pretty much hard initially because of its complex user interface. To be skilled handling Zbrush, you have to pay enough time.

Cinema 4D:

cinema 4D

Cinema 4D has the best user friendly interface convenient for the 3D motion graphics artist. It is easy to learn and its powerful toolset will give you the best results fast and hassle-free. You can produce motion graphics, any visualization, and illustration utilizing this professional complex 3D tool. Its community is responsive and for learning purpose, you will have tutorials from online. Cinema 4D has a huge library of plugins. You have to spend much to get more functionality for producing special modelling effects. You can check the trial version of Cinema 4D before purchasing for experiment.



Modo is a very powerful and flexible 3D modelling software. It is also perfect toolset of creating alluring textures. Its rendering capability produces the best modelling output as your clients demand. This tool is operational in Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. The full featured digital 3D software Modo is the most priced 3D modeling product. Firstly, it was a normal surface modeling tool, but as time goes, it has become a fully capable 3D modeler. Anyway, you may not quality modeling work same as you achieve in Maya or Max, but still they are highly praiseworthy.


This award-wining 3D tool plays a crucial role behind today’s movie and TV VFX, and widely used for creating stunning 3D images. It provides extra control to the 3D visual artists to create powerful 3D content with full flexibility. Houdini will offer you a very rich toolset. Utilizing this tools, the VFX artists are contributing to the related industries. To learn Houdini as a beginner, you can use free version. But if you can afford, you should buy it to get full-featured software to gain high end 3D images.

Lightwave 3D:


This is another well-capable 3 dimensional tool that is perfect for 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering. It was basically launched for TV shows and later it has been developed as 3D modeling tool. Its toolset is now a combination of old and new featured tools that are really awesome to produce amazing 3D product modeling images. It one of the cheapest 3D software. If you are a beginner, you can use free trial version for practicing.



Another prominent and easy-to-operate 3D sculpting tool is 3DCoat available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Without spending a lot of bucks, you can use this awesome 3D tool whether you are a novice or skilled 3D artist. Despite having an unusual interface, you can utilize 3DCoat easily and will get easier 3D mapping and texturing advantage. Because of various professional sculpting and other methods convenient for game development. The capacity of producing high end works has been developing and the continuing development has made this software almost same capable as Zbrush.



Rhino is the short name of this tool and very easy-to-learn tool for creating high end 3D shapes and models. It designs, creates models, realize and analyze every command that you do. It is available for both Mac and windows. Its work speed without slowing down your machine has made the tool popular to both beginner and advanced 3D artist. Its rich toolset and features will allow you create any professional 3D models for your clients. You will enjoy its fast rendering process and you can use this tool for animating anything fast. We recommend you to use 90 days free trial advantage to adapt and if you are satisfied with Rhino, then purchase it. In fact, you must be satisfied once you will work with it.

Substance Designer

substance designer

To reduce the time and energy consumption while creating realistic textures, you can use Substance designer. Utilizing this awesome texture creating application, you can produce pro quality 3D images. Actually, this tool will help you creating texture and surface for your models and your audience you cannot but be amazed with the appearance of the model. It will give your models tremendously realistic look that requires for gaming models. If you want to achieve best quality skinning and texturing for your projects, you can try this tool.


It is a free 3D modeling tool that will help you creating anything you imagine. It is an online tool, no need to download. Sketchup is easy to use and almost all the operating system can run this tool. It will allow you to draw anything, set orbits and combining elements to create premium quality 3D models. For product modeling, it can be your first 3D tool. Its interface is fantastic and easy for the beginners. We recommend to use Sketchup if you are a novice 3D artist before purchasing any costly tool. You will get a concept of whole 3D infrastructures and basics.

In conclusion, skilled 3D artist can create any 3D modeling as you need. Just send them proper instruction. The above discussed 3D software are greatly capable of creating any 3D model. You can use any of them. Anyway, if you need 3D modeling and you cannot do it yourself, communicate with us. We are Color Experts International, Inc. We provide all types of 3D modeling and rendering services like architectural 3D design, real estate building design, machineries 3D items, medical instruments 3D modeling, gaming 3D materials, and many more. Our 3D design service cost is reasonable and cost effective. If you want to get cheap 3D modeling services, contact us. Within project deadline, we will provide you the best quality 3D modeling service utilizing the skilled 3D artists and latest tools.