June 24, 2017

Manual vs. Automated Tools to Remove Image Background – Experiment #7

We take an image of a wrist watch with a lot of holes, curves, shadow, delicate edge, etc. It has also a contrasting gradient background. It is quite tough to remove the background from such a photo perfectly without the manual touch up.
June 22, 2017

Manual vs. Automated Photo Editing Tools to Remove Image Background | Experiment #6

As a part of the series Review of Manual vs. Automated tools for background removing, it is our second experiment that has been run on the different objects in single color contrasting gradient background.
June 13, 2017

Ghost Mannequin Photography Shooting & Editing

The ghost mannequin effect has a great role in the eCommerce business. If you are not a Photographer, then you might have seen it on many ecommerce sites. But, for a fashion and product photographer, a ghost mannequin is a part of life. This effect is created by cutting out
June 4, 2017

8 Cool DSLR photography Hacks & Tricks !

There are a plenty of funny and useful photography hacks in online. Among these, I have collected some excellent and funny hacks or you may call tips. You can learn many important things if you read out this content. Your digital camera or smart phone can be an incredible tool