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Batch Photo Editing & Processing Services for Professionals
like eCommerce, Advertising and Model Agencies

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T his service is for applying same effect on the several images at a time through Photoshop Batch option. It is an automatic process that works depending on action you set up. We provide Batch Photo Editing & Processing Service on the product photos most of the time. For this service, we apply existing action and if it is not available, we create it and then apply. The service includes photo cropping & resizing, culling, color grading, shadow applying, and something like this type of photo editing where the applying of action is possible.

However, you will get any batch photo editing & processing work from our photoshop photo editing company. We have been providing the service by the most skilled & experienced graphic experts so that you can get your desired product photos. To test our batch photo editing service quality, send us 2 images for Free Trial and then, it’s your turn, whether you will choose us, or not for your bulk image editing on which you will also get upto 50% off.



Based on the procedures, complexity, target products or item photos, we have categorized our Cutout services into 6 important categories:

Photo Culling

We provide Free Photo Culling service in Photoshop and Lightroom for bulk orders. We select the best image out of hundred photos while culling and save your time for ecommerce product photos, wedding photos, travel photographs, etc. We help them to choose the right and best photo from their so many photos and then we edit the photos in Photoshop and Lightroom at a reasonable price.

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Bulk Image Conversion

This is also a Free Service for Bulk Orders. We provide bulk image conversion service with great quality from RAW camera files into different formats like JPEG, PSD, PNG, EPS, TIF, PDF, etc. according to the demand of various platforms and work environment. Just drop in your RAW files from camera to our servers and let us take all the headaches. We’ll convert the photos into your desirable format(s).

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Image Cropping & Resizing

For making an image suitable for the places where it will be added, we provide image cropping & resizing service. It’s a widely popular service in e-commerce business because all the images are made to comply with online stores’ requirements. The use of both small and big images together ruins the beauty of the websites. With us, you will get the service at a very reasonable price.

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Photoshop Lightroom Editing

Lightroom is a lighter version of Photoshop, which makes perfect tool for photographers who wants to save time with quick edits. But, if you have very strict deadline for photo delivery, you always can use us to scale up your business processes with same day delivery for over 5,000+ images. Outsourcing your photo editing task is also cheap & affordable with us.

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Photo Shadow Optimization

Shadow makes any image lifelike. It increases the reality and neutrality of the photos. In terms of product photos, shadow plays important role. It saves product photos from floating look. By the way, we have been providing Photoshop shadow creation service that makes your product photos real, natural, life-like, and capable of drawing customer’s attention.

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Removing Background

It is a very useful service for the product photo editing. We are giving background removing or background replacing service to ecommerce business owners, product photographer, graphic designer or agencies, and more. This service enhances the beauty and quality of the product photos that becomes more engaging for drawing customers’ attention.

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Ghost Mannequin Effects

Ghost mannequin effects photo editing technique is commercially helpful for e-commerce, fashion designers, garment businesses. The service includes 3D neckjoint, sleeve joint, bottom joint, 360 degree packshot editing.

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Photo Enhancement

We provide photo enhancement service for all types of business and personal photos. Photos can attract customers if they are perfectly edited. A badly edited photo may hamper business. The service can enhance the quality of photos.

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Photography Post Production

We just don’t edit photos but also provide all the post-production works for you, if it requires. Our photo processing service will help you to get the most output from your image and transform your photos more commercially viable.

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Color Correction & Editing

Color Correction is used to upgrade, enhance, change color, exposure of the image. It is usually applied to model photography, e-commerce product, fashion photography. We apply multi-clipping path for providing this service.

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Image Cleaning

Do you have a lot of photos to clean? Are you messed up with blur, low-quality photos? We can edit all type of photos, from personal to professional. Try us & experience the difference! Free trial and amazing discount offer are available!

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Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector Converters can save time without compromising on quality of photos after the conversion. These photos can easily be used for large size usage such as in billboards and where the large size image is necessary.

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Customers are likely to be charmed by top-notch photos. We provide our clients with a variety of photo editing services spice up product, lifestyle, and other types of photography. Our image editors are well-versed in applying all sorts of image editing techniques. Have a close look at our photo editing services shown below.


Over 15,000 photo editing clients all over the world, some of them speak for us!

  • Avatar 1
    Nicholsons , E-commerce, Product Seller

    I use Color Experts on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best. The quick “turn around” time is vital in helping us to keep our online product catalogue fresh and up-to-date.

  • Kith Wig Seratch , AB Kajpromenaden, Helsingborg Sweden

    CEI has been providing me clipping path services for a long time. The quality and turnaround time are second to none. I recommend CEI for superior Clipping Path and top-notch Image Manipulation Services at very very reasonable cost.

  • Jon Ven Gorder , Van Gorder Studis, Fairfield, CT USA

    As a digital photographer, I’ve relied on color Expert many times for high quality clipping path, completed and delivered overnight. My clients demand fast service and Color Expert help me deliver it.

  • Laurie G. , Photographer

    I had shot some peewee league football players and was going to select them all out – individually and make one big team collage… Color experts clipping service was awesome!! Saved me MANY hours of work – especially since that is not typically what I do and selecting out takes me longer than an expert :)

  • Avatar 2
    Caroline, Dropshipping Suppliers

    Hello to you and your wonderful staff! You and your company has provided excellent service to me at an excellent price for many years. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and excellence in the quality of work you provide.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

1What is image cutout In Photoshop?

It is an image editing service which is usually done by Adobe Photoshop pen tool using Clipping Path and Layer or Channel Masking. You can find out a lot of tools in this image editing software for various image editing or creation tasks. Pen tool is one of them. This tool is used to cut out, remove, change or replace the unsuitable background of an image with a desired one. Photographers need to remove or change image background for making them usable and also to highlight them.

Our creative graphic designers at CEI use Photoshop Pen tool to perform this technique so that we can keep 100% product accuracy in shape, pattern, design, hole and it is totally hand-drawn. With our in-house graphic designers and state-of-the-art technology, we can provide you the highest quality image background removal at the most competitive price within the required time limit. Because we know the value of time and your images both and we care for the growth of your business. So we suggest you to judge our image Deep-etch service and then take your wise decision so that your images can go to an experienced and safe hand.

2Where image cutout Service is applied?

The usage of photo cut out is so huge that an entire industry has grown all over the world. Many companies are now in full-force operation to provide image cut-out service for image manipulation works. Color Experts International, Inc. is providing photo cut-out services to e-commerce owners, magazine or catalog companies, famous model products and fashion photographers, well-known photo studios, pre-press and printing companies and web design houses etc. These industries need their images to be perfectly edited by removing, replacing or changing background. For example, e-commerce websites display their product images in details and for this, they need a perfectly edited photo of their products. They do not have enough time to edit all their product images. For maintaining both time and quality, they get service from Deep-etch service company.

We accept all format images including TIFF, JPEG, and PSD.

1Who can get benefit from our Photo Cutout service?

From our experience, we can inform you that e-commerce business owners, advertising agencies, photographers, fashion house, printing and prepress companies can get a lot of benefits from Image Cut-out service.

We also offer this service for personal image editing works.

2What type of benefit you can get?
  • It is a technique which can save time
  • It can reduce a designer’s work load
  • Money-saver