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Stock Photo Retouching Service

Pictures are worth thousand words. That’s why e-commerce sites or online stores all over the world uses product pictures, instead of thousand words. Whether you sell single product or large inventory of various products, you can not ignore using images. To make your customer pull out their credit card, you need more than just normal product photograph. After Ecommerce Product Photography, Photo Editing is a crucial part of every online store. And most e-commerce sites handle a large number of images, which takes huge time for Photo Editing. Whether you sell single product or range of multiple products, you always need to go through a lot of efforts when you have to deal with Photo Editing for each Product Photo.

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Product Photo Retouching & Enhancement:

photography post production service

E-commerce product photos can attract customers if they are perfectly edited. A badly edited photo may hamper business. We provide retouch and enhancement service for all types of e-commerce photos. Boost up sale today!

Product Photo Background Remove:

photography post production service

Image background has a great impact on the aesthetics of a photo. A great photo may lose attraction just because of an improper background.We remove such background with a perfect one to re-create a great photo.

Ghost Mannequin Effect:

photography post production service

Greatly useful for e-commerce and garment item photographs, ghost mannequin effect has reduced the necessity of using the actual human figure to display products. We can create hollow or ghost mannequin effect better than others.

3D/360° Packshot Retouching:

3D 360° Packshot Retouching
For e-commerce product display in Packshot Animation Video or 360° Rich Media on your website or marketplaces, we do Packshot Retouch for images shot at multiple angles. Send us your images and requirements, we can provide you with various output options.

Photoshop Shadow Effects:

photography post production service

In reality, all solid objects have a shadow as a result of light reflection. This shadow can be re-created and edited in Photoshop for creating a more realistic effect viz E-commerce product photographs, clothing etc.

Color Correction & Editing:

photography post production service

Color correction is applied to various photos such as e-commerce, product or fashion photos. Multi clipping path is used to correct color and upgrade, enhance, change or modify color or exposure of the image.

Product Photo Cleaning:

photography post production service

We use different tools of Adobe Photoshop to clean photos and give them a brand new look. We use photoshop clone stamp tool, brush tool, pen tool and other for removing the dust, scratches, spots from e-commerce photos.

Batch Photo Editing (Cropping & Resizing)

photography post production service
Have a lot of photos to crop and resize? This service is designed with the aim of editing a huge number of photos. Hand over the tedious work for us and enjoy. Project will be completed within the deadline, quality 100%.


Over 10,000 photo editing clients all over the world, some of them speaks for us!

Kith Wig Seratch

Kith Wig Seratch

AB Kajpromenaden, Helsingborg Sweden

CEI has been providing me clipping path services for a long time. The quality and turnaround time are second to none. I recommend CEI for superior Clipping Path and top-notch Image Manipulation Services at very very reasonable cost.
Jon Ven Gorder

Jon Ven Gorder

Van Gorder Studis, Fairfield, CT USA

As a digital photographer, I've relied on color Expert many times for high quality clipping path, completed and delivered overnight. My clients demand fast service and Color Expert help me deliver it.


"I use Color Experts on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best. The quick "turn around" time is vital in helping us to keep our online product catalogue fresh and up-to-date."
Laurie G.

Laurie G.

“I had shot some peewee league football players and was going to select them all out – individually and make one big team collage... Color experts clipping service was awesome!! Saved me MANY hours of work – especially since that is not typically what I do and selecting out takes me longer than an expert :)”


Hello to you and your wonderful staff!
You and your company has provided excellent service to me at an excellent price for many years. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and excellence in the quality of work you provide.


E-commerce business is different from traditional business. Here, customers can not touch the products directly for judging its quality. Product photo is the one and only way for them to know about it. In such case, these images must be of high quality. But during product photography, images may not be captured in proper color, shape, exposure, lighting, resolution, etc. So, if these photos are not edited perfectly, they cannot attract customers’ potential attention and the sale will not be increased.

Usually, Color Experts International has been using a lot of latest tools for stock photo editing. We use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, 3d software such as Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3D Max, etc. for providing various stock photo retouching services. For high end stock photo retouching, we use Pen tablet (Wacom).

Yes, of course. Color Experts International has been providing a wide range of image editing services for various types of stock images. Different types of stock photos receive various photo enhancing services such as image background cutout service, photo retouching, photo masking, creative photo manipulation, color correction, and many more picture correcting services.

Yes. We sign NDA with our clients. All your photos will be kept confidential. Besides, we will provide you secured FTP, Hightail, We Transfer, etc. and you must feel high security.

Yes. We keep backup up your photos up to 3 months after the completion of your project. By this time, if you contact us, you can get those images again free of cost, but if you need extra photo editing services, you have to pay.

The usual turnaround time of CEI is 12-24 hours. Once you send us your files, you will get back edited images within your deadline. If you need, we provide rush service also with full quality photo editing works. And, Of course! We provide Free Trial offer up to 2 images and we also provide large discount offer up to 50% on bulk order.

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