10+ Best Toy Photography Ideas for Beginners

Toy Photography ideas

Toy Photography

Toy photography is great fun. It has also an enormous commercial prospect. A lot of toy products are available in e-commerce stores and are being purchased everywhere. Kids are fond of toys and they are the biggest customers. Online toy sellers are drawing toy lovers’ attention by sharing various types of toy images. They are uploading a single toy photo and often create an environment like war, winter, etc. with more than one toy.

As the toy business is expanding, the use of toy images is also increasing. Photographers capture a huge number of photos; they edit toy photos by themselves or take toy photo editing services from image editing companies, and finally provide the images to their clients.

Toy Photography Ideas for Beginners

Anyway, toy photography is not as easy as you are thinking. In real-life model photography, you can seek poses as you need. But, here you have to create a photography environment, poses with toys, and something like this according to your necessity. If you are a toy lover and follow some actionable toy photography ideas, you are a good fit for toy photography.

1. Toy Photography Gear

As a part of the toy photo-capturing tips, we want to make you aware of toy photography gear. You should think of the tools that will be performing best for professional toy photo shooting. Before tiny toy photo taking, you must have some most needed tools on your list, such as-

  1. Your favorite toys
  2. Camera
  3. Tripod
  4. Table
  5. Shutter cable
  6. Backdrops
  7. Lighting kits
  8. Photo editing tools
  9. And other things for creating an environment

2. Think of a real-life photo shooting

Since most of the toys are made of plastic, your photography will be plastic-like. But, the matter is that as a professional photographer, you have to take photos in such a way that the image will be apprehended no less than a real-life picture. Do all the necessary things and apply your creativity to achieve life-like toy photos.

3. Try to tell a story

What type of toy photos you take or what the toys are, is not a matter. To get persuasive toy photos, you must create a storyboard and create a photography environment accordingly. Set all the things and objects so that your photo describes a story. Compel your audience to think and research inwardly about the objective of that particular photo.

4. Try to get realistic photos

Do all sorts of things to make your toy photo more than a human image. While you are creating a story, creating pose, gesture, posture, setting photography gear, etc. keep in your mind the reality. Think every character in your toy photograph is live and try to think more than humans. In this case, you have to select perfect characters and objects that go with your story. The bottom line is that you have to be more serious even than true-to-life photography.

5. Experiment with different toys

To be a professional photographer, shooting experiments is a must-do job. Always try to experiment with whatever you get near you. The more experiments you do, you will learn new things that are crucial for a photographer. To get perfect toy photographs, experiment more from different angles and perspectives. Create an unconventional story and tell it through photography.

6. Never stop learning new things

Whenever you get a scope, grab it and seek new knowledge. Follow the senior and already successful toy photographers. Not only toy photographers but make your boundary limitless. Search beyond your limitations and tradition.

Try to share your new knowledge and work. The more you share knowledge, your knowledge will get enhanced and you will get name, fame, and acceptance. Thus, you will reach the ultimate target- a successful photographer.

7. Choose a perfect setting

For photography purposes, select the perfect place. You can take toy photos indoors. You can set up all the stuff and photography tools and gear on a raised table with an appropriate backdrop. But, if you want to create more exciting toy photos with a great realistic story, go outdoors. Create a perfect outdoor setting according to your story and then shoot more photos so that you can do photo culling.

8. Where to photograph and inspiration

When you are ready with your stuff to take toy photos, now you have to select photography places or create the perfect toy photographic setting. We recommend you take photos of toys on a raised table indoors. But if you want to take photos outdoors, go to a beach to have daring photos.

To get photos of monster toys, a sea beach is an ideal place. Create an environment where the monster coming from the sea or monster is attacking a ship and endangering the people. If you have an excavator or truck that you have to take photos of, go to a hillside or create a desert and allow the tiny toys to carry related substances.

For taking photos of toy superheroes, create a war-like situation. Use war weapons, tankers, smoke, sand, red color for blood-shedding, and more stuff. Create a wedding or party environment if you are going to take photos with a male and a female doll. You can also take images of toy police, truck drivers, highways, etc.

If you are more creative and looking for toy photography inspiration, you can follow some other ideas like a female doll with an umbrella on a rainy day, creating a snowy day, midnight fear, Tsunami or high tide, corporate office environment, fishing scenes, workshop business of the worker, etc.

9. Try to take a clean photo

take a clean photo

Distracting object-free backgrounds and clean toys are very crucial for toy photography. During photo shooting, keep in mind the bad side of object stuffing in the background. Don’t use too many toys while creating a story-based photograph. You can remove all the unwanted stuff by photo post-production. But yet, as much as you can avoid dust, do it. You can minimize photo editing costs.

10. Zoom the subject

Zoom the subject for toy photography

Another fact regarding toy photography is that to produce realistic toy photos, you must set all the staff like real life. As the toys are tiny things, the images will be tiny too. But, as a professional toy photographer, you have to understand if your images are small, they will not look realistic.

So, what you should do? Fill the entire frame. Zoom the image and try to make the toy look bigger and you will get an almost realistic toy photograph.

11. Photography Post-production

Photography Post-production

Every photo needs post-production services more or less. Product photography or tiny toy photography is too crucial. For various reasons, at the first attempt, you may not get the desired quality images. So, you have to take a lot of shots. Besides, a small tweak makes great images greater, and beautiful images more beautiful.

In your photo frame, there may be many unwanted objects that ruin the actual deserving aesthetic. Such images are not fit for using commercial purposes. To achieve the most attractive toy photographs, you have to take photo editing services like background removal, color correction, image retouching, etc.

12. Focus stacking

Focus stacking

For producing high-quality tiny toy images, you should apply the focus stacking technique. It is a process of accumulating main focus points from multiple shoots utilizing Photoshop. True to say, while you are trying to capture macro photos, you cannot focus all parts with the same resolution and you will get some blurry portions in the long run.

To avoid this situation, you should take multiple photos of the same toy focusing on different parts, and later do focus stacking in Photoshop. It will help you to have the best quality toy photos.

To Sum Up- Toy Photography Ideas

Photography is not as easy a profession as it is thought. A lot of things are there to learn and apply. Apart from the usual photography, toy photography is a pretty challenging and creative job. If you are not enough creative and patient, it will be hard for you to do well here. Appropriate cognition about macro photography will push you ahead to grab creative toy photography tips. In that sense, this content must assist you.