Take a Gorgeous Product Photo that Boosts up the Sales!

Gorgeous Product Photo that Boosts up the Sales

Gorgeous product photo is a powerful medium for e-commerce business. It is worth a thousand words. You can realize the power of an image when you would go through a food magazine, fashion catalog, travel photography, old photo album, etc. That is why advertisers use images in their ads. An advertisement without an image is like a man without eyes. So, the right image can shape your positive thought and mood.

We always like to see rather than to read or to listen because thus we can gather more information with less effort. In the case of eCommerce business, this statement is a hundred percent true. Here, customers can see only the product image and get an idea of it. So, here the images perform a great role to increase the sales volume.

As a great looking image is so much important to boost up an eCommerce business, a photographer should give extra attention to the product photography He should provide a proper effort and use all the required gear related to capturing a great looking product photo that can scale up the sales up to the defining mark.

What Does A Photographer Need To Take Gorgeous Product Photos?

To take an appealing product photo, a photographer should have a well-set studio. He needs there some unavoidable photography gear. It is too exciting to have all of the necessary tools, but you need not spend much to purchase those rather I suggest stepping forward with what you have. However, the necessary things for a great looking product photo are:

What does a product photographer need

1. Camera

This is the first thing that needs to take a photo. If you have a camera with a good configuration, it is great, but if you don’t have I would say don’t stop. Go ahead with what you have because I think a camera alone cannot create any masterpiece rather the skill and experience of the photographer are very necessary. Besides, sometimes the best photograph depends on the topic that incorporates lighting, exposure, and perspective, styling, and post-production services.


For a great looking product image, you need a high shutter speed in your camera. But, if the shutter speed is less, it may hamper your product image. Because you cannot hold a long time your camera focusing the product. Your hand will shake. Besides, in case of your too much shaky hand, it is more complex to have a perfect image. Then, what is the solution? You need a tripod. After setting the tripod properly, you just click on the capture button. The slow shutter speed will not hamper your photography.

3. Background

The background is very important for eCommerce product photography. It should always be white with proper lighting. For a white background, you can use a white cloth, paper, board and many more. Product in a white background is more pleasing to draw full attention. Then, remove all other objects from the background, leaving the product only. If there is any other object, it may distract the customer’s attention from the main product image.

4. A light reflector card

This is necessary for the reflection of the lighting properly from the back of the product. It works against sunlight. When you take photos in daylight, this card will help you to render the brightness in the backside of the product. Anyway, for a white bounce card, you can buy a whiteboard. But the best service you will get from a white foam core because it is lightweight and easily movable.

5. Table

Next, you need a table to place the product and shot the image. You can use a chair or other thing also.

6. Tape / Clips / Pin

It is very important to keep fixed the whiteboard or foam-core with the table or chair. That is why you may need tape. Besides, if you try to shoot cloth photography, it must look tight and scratch-free. So, you may need some cloth hanger or pins.

7. Lights

Light is a very important thing for product photography. Proper lighting can increase the brightness and glowing effects of the product. Better lighting makes a product capable of drawing potential customers. So, for this, you should buy some lights, stands, umbrella, and something like this.

8. Room

A room with a big window is pretty much suitable for photography. The bigger the window, the more light you will get, and that will reduce the cost of artificial lighting. The more natural lighting will help you to shoot more natural product images.

Image editing services: Most often only photography with all the facilities cannot create flawless product images because of various defects related to camera setting, lighting, perspective, atmosphere, and so on. So, to get the perfect images as the eCommerce website demands, you have to take various image editing services like background removing, image retouching or beautifying, clipping path, image masking, image restoration, color correction, raster to vector, neck joint or ghost mannequin, and so on.

What aspects a business owner should follow?

In case of using product images, as a business owner, you should follow some strict points.

  1. You have to upload the actual photos which represent your product truly. Always try to avoid the image which does not relate to your product. The image must focus on your product clearly.
  2. You should have the same product as you are showing in the image. You cannot replace the product. Your product must be authentic with the product image. You are selling a product and showing a different image, it is not deserved.
  3. Your product image background must be of high quality. It should contain a white background without any other objects. So, it’s better to choose the right product photo editing service provider to enhance and optimize your product photos.
  4. The product image must have a proper shadow and lighting, which highlight the actual color and shape of the product.
  5. Be careful of the product image size. In the image, the product size should be as the actual product. If it looks too small, it will hamper your purpose. Try to use a big image so that while zooming it would not get blurred.

For the sake of business, as a business owner, you must focus on the usage of high-quality and gorgeous product photos. Keeping in mind these above aspects, receive your product images from your photographer and if need, give proper direction about your demand.