Safety Tips for Photographers in Pandemic Crisis

Safety tips for photographers in pandemic crisis

Safety tips for photographers in pandemic crisis

Every profession has some safety protocols that should be strictly maintained by all professionals. There are many jobs or services in which you have to stay out of home or office to let people know about the world. We are talking about photography and photojournalism.

Have you ever thought about how the people in these professions can be safe at the time of the pandemic crisis? Today, we have come with a bunch of safety tips for them. Hopefully, it will help to keep them protected even in the most vulnerable situations.

How Pandemic Disaster Influences Photography Industry

Do you have any idea how much it got affected already due to this global threat? Only a few days ago, we let you know the impacts on Amazon sellers and retailers for COVID-19. Like most other industries, many creative sectors along with photography are also affected. If you see the Google search trends, you will understand how it’s going on!

Let’s have a look into the impacts with a short brief.

photographers search trend

Image: Google Search Trends for ‘Photographers’

◼️ The shipment and manufacturing of the essential photography accessories have almost been stopped or delayed on a regular basis since the Coronavirus attack started. It causes a great impact on sales.

◼️ Hundreds of workshops & venues are similarly affected and they are canceled due to this crisis.

◼️ Like the other industries, photography professionals are also seeing a lot of revenue decrease from the cancellation of their regular projects.

◼️ Hundreds of large sports events, weddings, and business tours and workshops have been canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

event photography search trend

Image: Google Search Trends for Event Photography

◼️ Street and freelance photographers are also at high-risk due to this global threat. As most of the parties, celebrations, concerts, and corporate events are closed now, they are affected badly.

Different Types of Photography

Well! Do you know how many types of photography belong? Before knowing the safety guidelines, let’s introduce their different categories. It will help to prepare it for the individuals.

◼️ Photojournalism

◼️ Travel Photography

◼️ Landscape Photography

◼️ Nature Photography

◼️ Sports Photography

◼️ Real Estate Photography

◼️ Street Photography

◼️ Event Photography

◼️ Wedding Photography

◼️ Commercial Photography

◼️ Architectural Photography

◼️ Food Photography

◼️ Fashion Photography

◼️ Newborn Photography

◼️ Wildlife Photography and more.

Crucial Safety Tips for Photographers in Pandemic Crisis

Now, the question is how to keep yourself safe in the pandemic crisis. As a photographer, you need to follow them for yourself as well as your professional ethics.

◼️ Do Research First: Before starting shooting anything, do some research. Whether it’s a wedding or product launch event, landscape or nature photography, this will help you to understand the subject with a vision.

The situation or environment of an area is not the same in any pandemic crisis moment as like the normal time. So, you have to research the location first.


◼️ Follow A Guide: As a safety precaution, you may need a guide when you are going to work on travel or outdoor photography. It will help you get the right track within a short period.

Also, an experienced guide will assist you to protect yourself from unexpected dangers or threats.

◼️ Maintain Social Distancing: Whatever your photography type is, always maintain the social distancing strategy at the pandemic crisis like COVID-19. This is the ultimate way by which you can be safe.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends keeping a distance of at least 1 meter from another person who has the possibility of having the disease. At this moment, sneezes and even breathing can be a high risk for you.

social distancing

◼️ Inform Your Near Ones: You are doing your job in a very crucial moment where your life is in danger always. So, let your journey informed to your most loving ones. If possible, keep your app or device on with a GPS tracking system. As a result, they will be in touch and can find you any moment they want.

◼️ Wear Safety Dress: Clothing is a big part of safety in this situation. You will need to wear the appropriate dresses to keep yourself safe from germs and viruses. You can follow the way that doctors and lab technician does. Don’t forget to include shoes or boots on the list to cover you. Also, wear hand gloves before clicking the button.

◼️ Bring Water: Who doesn’t know the importance of having water? Always keep plenty of water wherever you go for a shooting. Try drinking water as much as you can in this time of pandemic crisis. Keep in mind that water can be a great survival element for you. Besides this, you can also bring some fruits with Vitamin C that can empower the immune system of your body.


◼️ Don’t Touch Any Materials: It’s better to avoid touching the objects around you if they are not too much necessary. You don’t know how you can be affected. So, just do your photoshoot with your materials without touching the things like table, stand, tripod, or any other tools beside you.

◼️ Use n95 Mask: Do you have any idea why all the doctors and physicians suggest using an n95 mask at the time of the COVID-19 Coronavirus threat? Since it breaks out all over the world, using surgical and n95 mask have been a very common and primary way to protect people protected from airborne particles and different types of viruses & harmful bacteria.

n95 mask

◼️ Avoid Touching Sensitive Areas of Your Body: Don’t touch your eyes, faces, or noses while you busy with the photoshoot. As it’s high time to be very careful, you must follow the instructions. Any virus like COBID-19 can spread easily though human body parts like hands or noses, you have to stop touching them even it’s necessary to do.

◼️ Keep Hand Sanitizer & Tissue: Since the global threat outbreaks, people have been aware of keeping themselves clean with soap, hand sanitizer, tissue, and more like them. Whether you are planning for photography outside the home, then don’t avoid these things to bring with you. Keep washing hands and use tissue at the time of sneezing.


◼️ Keep First Aid Kits: First aid kits are not only for the pandemic crisis. As a photographer, you have to keep a box with all the necessary safety materials. It may include adhesive tapes and bandages, tweezers, scissors, Polysporin antibiotic cream, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, disposable isolation gown, etc.

◼️ Follow Guidelines of WHO & Health Specialists: The specialists from many world-class health organizations along with WHO are providing documented and video guidelines to prevent the global threat.

As a photographer, you must follow the guidelines to keep yourself protected. Maintain social distancing, wash hands frequently, stay informed and follow the advice of health specialists.

Some Quick Tips to Follow in This Crucial Moment

quick tips

▪️ Better to work on improving portfolio to showcase your talent towards the clients. Update your website with some fresh resources for your audience.

▪️ You can work on skill development that can be beneficial for the near future. Introduce new tools and technologies and let the world know your strength.

▪️ Make a new strategy for your work. It’s high time to plan according to the time and environment. Maybe it will help you after the pandemic situation finished.

▪️ Also, you can focus on branding yourself and other marketing tactics to reach valuable clients.

▪️ Share your recent work with the most popular social media and professional platform.

▪️ COVID-19 Coronavirus stops you to go outside but not to communicate with others. You can make a strong relationship with your professional friends through video conference at this time.

▪️ Don’t lose confidence. The time will not remain forever. After a certain period, the industry will recover and you will get back a better condition.

▪️ Try to engage the virtual community to stay in touch with your beloved ones. It will help to relieve mental pressure and anxiety well.

Wrapping Up

While we are talking about a global threat like SERS or Coronavirus, the safety for being protected should be the first concern. You have to be aware of the things that cannot be seen in open eyes. Can you imagine how can it be difficult to prevent it? So, the only thing we can do it to maintain the guidelines set by the experts. Here, we tried to keep some of the safety tips for photographers who have to work even in this crisis moment. Hopefully, it will help them to capture the excellent captions keeping themselves secure.