COVID-19 Crisis: A Robust Response Needed by Healthcare Companies to Combat the Pandemic

COVID 19 A robust response

COVID 19 A robust response

COVID-19 crisis is continuously affecting people worldwide. Many of them are dying due to a weak immune system and lack of care as well as treatment. Some are recovering after undergoing the nightmare due to a strong immune system and following the prescriptions of physicians. But as time progresses, the number of people getting infected is escalating. Even though people have been instructed to take precautions by health experts, many of them are failing to follow the instructions owing to negligence.

Healthcare companies, no matter, whether they are diagnostics companies, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, or even digital health companies, all have already started contributing to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Diagnostics companies are striving their level best to carry out the COVID-19 testing in the best possible way to detect the presence of the virus in the human body. Both pharmaceutical and biotech companies are slogging to produce vaccines and study potential therapies. When it comes to digital health companies, they are offering virtual trials, remote care, and even mental health support.

Let’s shed light on the methods of how healthcare companies and organizations can step up to the plate in order to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Engaging in Research and Developing Vaccines:

Research and Development of Vaccine

At the moment, the stuff that’s of the utmost need to stave off the transmission of COVID-19 disease is the vaccine. Many scientists have already got engaged in research for developing vaccines and they are likely to nail their goals in the future. Many healthcare companies have also undertaken the job and many researchers are working under them. But looking at the current frightening situation where thousands of people are getting infected every day and many of them are dying, it’s essential that more and more healthcare and Medtech companies also take up the onus to produce vaccines to neutralize the COVID-19.

Contributing to Produce Testing Kits:

Testing Kits

To prescribe medicines for coronavirus disease, it’s pivotal to diagnose the disease. No doubt, for that, it requires COVID-19 testing kits. Testing kits are available in the form of antibody testing kits and PCR swab testing kits. A number of pharmaceutical companies across the globe have already manufactured different types of testing kits but considering the massive spread of coronavirus, they are inadequate. It is high time that the pharmaceutical giants from different countries respond sturdily and strive to produce testing kits as much as they can. COVID-19 disease being pandemic, there isn’t any alternative to manufacture testing kits in order to diagnose the disease and save humanity.

Producing the Protective Equipment:

Protective Equipment

Currently, the world is undergoing a massive crisis of protective shields, gloves, and ventilators. Masks and gloves are kinds of stuff that pharmaceutical companies need to produce in billions to meet the abundant demands. Even though people have been advised to stay home, many are going outside in emergency and necessity. So, they have to wear face masks and gloves as a preventive measure. Likewise, producing ventilators in large volume are also indispensable as respiratory problems are one of the symptoms of coronavirus disease. In order to let the respiration function properly in affected people, deploying ventilators are vital.

Offering Online Prescriptions and Care:

Online Prescriptions and Care

At this moment of crisis, everyone is trying to self-quarantine him/her to maintain safety. What can be a better option to receive medical care and prescriptions other than online services? Although many Medtech companies have already commenced offering virtual and remote services for COVID-19, it’s not sufficient considering the huge demands. More and more healthcare companies and hospitals have to come forward to tackle the current dire circumstance. Physicians and health experts working for these companies and hospitals can advise many sick people, prescribe the necessary medications as well as other dos and don’ts and therapies virtually. This will surely help many sick people to recover from common illnesses including fever, cold, headache, etc. dispelling the doubt of being infected by COVID-19.

Counseling through the Internet and various forms of Media:

Counselling through the Internet

In this age, when media is at our fingertips, it’s a cakewalk to counsel and spread awareness among the masses of the causes, symptoms, and effects of the COVID-19 disease. Let it be electronic media, print media, or even social media, all are effective tools to reach people and warn them about the coronavirus. Healthcare companies, no matter whether they are pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, diagnostic companies, or digital health companies, all can carry out this handy job easily and help the community. Today, the busiest media platform is social media, especially, Facebook. So, healthcare companies can publish regular textual and visual content on various points of COVID-19 and aid the masses worldwide substantially.

Providing Financial Aid and Relief:

Financial Relief

Currently, the economy is on the decline due to the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses have stagnated due to the lockdowns and curfew in some countries. No doubt, to navigate with this fatal situation, billions of dollars are required. People, especially the destitute are the biggest sufferers of this dire situation. Their earnings have stalled and they are struggling to maintain their family. Even middle-class people are also facing a financial crisis. Many relief funds have already been established and plenty of more are needed. This is where healthcare companies can chip in, establish relief funds, and donate money in large volumes to save humanity. Their subsidies will definitely assist many people to survive in this critical moment and give them hope of living.

If we look at the business functions of the international companies belonging to different industries, all of them have slumped. Many of the companies also got forced to downsize some of their employees due to the deficit of businesses. But the only industry that’s not only just active but also is under paramount pressure to offer support and services to people in the healthcare industry.

No matter whether they are pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, digital health companies, or even hospitals, they are facing the heat to produce vaccines, medicines, diagnose diseases, carry out various medical tests pertaining to COVID-19 disease, and provide necessary care as well as treatments. Commercially thinking, they are surely gainers as they can make a lot of money and many are doing so. But our sincere suggestion to all the healthcare companies is to think of the greater interest of humanity in this crisis compromising on financial gain. Show a broader heart to offer even complementary medical services when needed.

Let’s take an oath to strive based on our individual capacity to combat the COVID-19 crisis to restore normal lives, thereby ensuring a better and stable world.