Nail Polish Product Photo Editing

Nail Polish photo editing

Among the thousands of fashion products, nail polish is one of the most adorable eCommerce products. From ancient times, nail polish is being used as a part of beautification. In the modern era, the uses of nail polish have got a new height. The fashion-conscious woman cannot think of her beautification, but nail polish. And so, the internet businesses are making a handsome profit selling this product. Even if you search, you will get a dedicated eCommerce page for nail polish in most eCommerce websites. Amazon has a dedicated sales page for nail polish. It is enough to understand the demand for nail polish as an online fashion product.

Quotes on Nail Polish

Women love nail polish. They keep nail polish and lipstick with them like other emergency things in their bags. They frequently use nail polish. Some of the fashionable women are clearly one step ahead. They are fond of nail polish. They adore nail polish and cannot think a moment without it. Sometimes, they say something about nail polish that is remarkable. Let’s catch some noteworthy quotes from the famous persona-

“Nail polish is like the icing on the beauty cake.”- Mary Helen Bowers

“There were two kinds of women: those who wear nail polish and those who don’t.

Which do you prefer?”- Regina Brett

“Nude nail polish wins hands down over intricate nail art.”- Ashley Madekwe

What is Nail polish?

Nail Polish, originated from China, is a varnish or lacquer that is used by women to decorate their fingernails or toenails. It colors and makes shiny the nail plates. Nail Polish protects nails as well if it is free from acid or flammable stuff. It is a mixture of polymer and other components. Nowadays, different brands produce various kinds of nail polish with different shades of colors and other decorating elements. Nail polish is one of the most sold fashion products of eCommerce. Fashionable ladies are using nail polish as a part of their manicures and pedicures.

What is the importance of nail polish? Nail polish has many healthy aspects. It will keep smooth the skin surrounding the nail. Your nail plates will stay safe any fungal attack. Besides, it will give your hand a finished look; People will get your sense of style and aesthetics. Nail polish provides you an elevated outfit and appealing femininity.

Top 20 nail polish brands

Before going to know the details about the nail polish photo editing, let’s have known some famous nail polish brands worldwide-

1. Essie 11. Sundays
2. Chanel 12. Smith & Cult
3. OPI 13. Jin Soon
4. Sally Hansen 14. Paintbox
5. Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. 15. Flora 1761
6. Essie Expressie 16. Aila
7. Zoya 17. Tenoverten
8. Côte 18. Smith & Cult
9. CND 19. J. Hannah
10. Olive & June 20. Oribe

Nail polish product photo editing tips

Nail polish is a luxurious fashion product. It is, you know, one of the most used makeup items for the ladies. However, the spreading of nail polish use has got a new way just because of the eCommerce platforms. They present nail polish making as a hilariously beautiful component of self-decoration. As per their requirements, the nail polish product photographers capture nail polish photos, and the product photo editing professionals enhance the stunning look of the nail polish photos.

However, after analyzing some beautiful nail polish photos, we have created the following list of tips about how to increase the beauty of nail polish images for the designers.

Add white glair for shining

Basically, nail polish is packed in a little glass jar and it looks shiny against lighting. So, in the case of photos, you should apply a shiny effect. In Photoshop, if you want to add a shiny effect on ay glass, you have to add white glair. Take layers, apply white color, and reduce the opacity. Your nail polish photo will appear glossy.

add glair

Photo: Anny

Apply max color depth

If your nail polish image contains white or black spots, remove those flaws. If you look the image is not looked properly colored, use the color that on the nail polish container. Try to make the black, more black; white, whiter; and the nail polish color more attractive. Take a new layer, add fill color considering the nail polish color. Remember, the image must be outstanding in terms of image color.

add color

Photo: Beauty Store

Add reflection shadow

If your images are on something or table, add a reflection shadow to provide the nail polish container aground. Otherwise, it may look like floating. Since the container is made of glass, if you add reflection, it will enhance its aesthetics. How to add reflection shadow? Copy the image, place it under the main image, reduce the opacity of the copy image, and applying brush tool, erase the bottom of the copy image.

reflection shadow

Photo: Essieenvy

Add dropping effect

If your images don’t have a dropping effect, apply nail polish dropping effect in Photoshop. It will increase image beauty. It is not so much easy, but if you are a professional retoucher, you will be able to do it after a little practice.

dropping effect

Add live demo with model nails

Only nail polish images will be boring, but if you can add a model hand wearing nail polish, it will add an extra spice to the nail polish pictures. If the image that you are editing contains a model’s hands, it is ok. Just retouch the hands so that it appears gorgeous. But, if there is not a hand, you can add hands. Do a little composite with a beautiful hand.

nail polish with live model

Photo: Papillonspa

Add contrasting background

To make the nail polish product highlighted and keep on the audience’s focus on the product, always try to maintain a contrasting backdrop. It will increase your products’ beauty and the images will be capable of holding viewers’ attention. And get scaled up the sales volume.

contrasting background

Make stylish graphics with nail polish

Nail polish product photos can be presented making stylish. Just add some relevant props, a background, other makeup items, and if possible, add a live model hand. See the below image and have a concept of the stylish graphic. As an expert graphic designer, you should be capable of compositing images. If you can composite image, you can create stylish graphics with any product.

adding props

Adding Exposure

Notice if your nail polish photo is suffering from the shortage of perfect color. If yes, increase exposure and highlight the overall lighting. And for fixing the low exposure, apply high-end exposure blending service. You will get the desired color fixed.

However, for the pro-quality photo retoucher, it is no longer a hectic job. Whatever idea we tried here to provide you, we think, you have caught the point. And also for the amateur photo editors, these nail polish product photo retouching techniques will work and you can achieve the expected result.