How to Shoot Clothing Photography for Maximizing Your Product Investment

How to Shoot Clothing Photograph

How to Shoot Clothing Photograph

Who doesn’t know the importance of photography in the area of an ecommerce business? And, whether it’s about apparel and clothing, there’s no chance to avoid. In this modern era of technology, people are serious to know how it looks before purchasing a product online. So, as a concerned seller, you must know the methods to showcase it in the most attractive and genuine way to your consumers. In these circumstances, we have planned to let you know some advanced and crucial clothing photography tips to help you in achieving the expected business goal.

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Why Clothing Product Photography Is Important?

Pro Tips to Maximize Your Investment Through Amazing Product Photography

Most Common Clothing Photography Mistakes to Avoid


Why Clothing Product Photography Is Important?

Before touching the key part of this content that describes how to take product photos of clothing items, it’s essential to know its importance first. This will help you to learn as well as to implement the tactics wisely.

It describes the Product

A good photograph can describe the product properly. Customers get an overview of its size, look, materials, etc. by seeing it. The more you show the product clearly and in detail, the more they get the chance to examine it properly. That’s how it helps them taking decision in buying the product.

Good Photography Makes Product Attractive

What if your product is not presentable even it has the quality? Well! It’s not only the quality to be nice in real. You have to capture it in high-resolution maintaining the color and contrast. It needs to be realistic to the audience so that they can feel touching the dress or whatever you sell.

Customers Like to See Visual Content

Just think about it! Will you buy something only reading the description of a product? No! Especially, when you are planning to take some clothing materials, it can be thought like that. The description should be with a clear picture. That’s how people get a clear idea about the product and make the right decision.

Increases Brand Value & Authority

Maybe you are selling the same product as like Amazon or eBay. But why they are getting more sales than you? It’s simple! They have established themselves as brands. And, quality product images help for branding and increasing authority. As a result, it becomes easier to reach potential customers.

Boosts Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

We know, social media have been crucial and must part of online marketing. Millions of people around the world visit Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, and pass several hours there. As a result ecommerce owners try to catch their attention through attractive photos of their products. So, it can be definitely a great platform for marketing and getting the expected outcome.

Reduces Marketing Costs

Using quality and appealing clothing photos can reduce the percentage of marketing costs. In some cases, you don’t even need to furnish the images. Whether you are going to represent the products to customers, the photos help you getting the attention without saying something.

Pro Tips to Maximize Your Investment Through Amazing Product Photography

In this part, we have picked some pro product photography tips from industry professionals by which you can maximize your outcome. Let’s drive to the points below to know how to do product photography for clothing.

Prepare Photography Equipment

Photography Equipment

At first, you may need the proper equipment to capture the right pictures, especially, when you are trying it professionally. In the list, it must include a camera, necessary lighting materials, studio backdrop kit, tripod, mannequin, and some more according to the requirements. One thing to add here- you can also use a Smartphone with high-resolution camera settings rather than using a pricey camera.

There are many pictures you will see on the web that are taken via smartphones. Besides these, keep prepared the settings, table, reflector card, tape, etc. Don’t forget to pick the best lens for clothing product photography. It’s a crucial part to get high-quality images.

Follow Brands for Inspiration

In every profession, there is something to follow for getting the inspiration we need. As a professional photographer, it’s really helpful to look over some international brands to grasp ideas and improve them. Visit stores like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress and try to get an of idea how they captured along with the way they presented for consumers.

Think like an audience rather than a photographer. Does it impress you? If yes, then follow the methods in your project and see whether it reflects the requirements to attract the targeted customers.

Use A Model


Clothing products with a model increases the visibility as well as the attraction 100 times compared with a product without a model. You can make the experiment with different poses so that people can know how it feels. This is the best way of showcasing your products and getting more sales quickly. So, if you have enough budgets, don’t miss the opportunity. Once again, try to bring a popular face that can easily gain trust and attraction to the audience. It will also help to achieve the brand value of your products quickly.

Capture Multiple Product Images

It’s always safe to capture several pictures of a product rather than only one or two. Most of the industry professionals have guided to follow this instruction for a better result. Do you know why? It’s because you don’t know which shot will be suitable for your store to upload.

So, why will you take the risk? Take as many as you can and don’t forget to capture from different angles. The pictures along with the important elements should be visible to the audience. After taking multiple shots, take the time to choose the best one or a couple of captions from the list.

Use A Tripod


Some people may think this an unnecessary piece of clothing photography element. But using a tripod can make a huge difference in your photo quality. Although you can capture photos holding the camera yourself, tripod brings the consistency across your clothing products.

Besides this, it will also assist you in capturing photos in low light and long exposures. Also, it has better stability as well as the facility of getting sharper images of your products. Worrying about the cost? Don’t think too much! You just need a little amount of investment to buy a comfortable one.

Flat Lay Photography

Flat Lay clothing product photography is another interactive way where you don’t need to utilize any extra materials like mannequins or models. If you are eagerly waiting to learn how to shoot clothing product photography, then it’s definitely an easy and effective way. It works well for shirts, trousers, shoes, and pants. You just need to layout the cloths in a white sheet or board and capture them. Iron them properly and make sure they are good enough to present online and social media for your customers.

Try With A Mannequin



Using a mannequin can be a good alternative to hiring a model for clothing and other product photography. In some cases, you may not be able to hire a renowned face that costs a lot of money. Mannequins are cheaper and you can retake shots as per your needs. You may think about why you should use this in your photoshoot!

Firstly, it will help your customers to relate to your products. Secondly, you can showcase multiple items at once using mannequins. All in all, this is undoubtedly a great way to let the customers know how they will look like wearing clothing products. Thus, it will help to increase the interaction with them as well as sales.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Ensure lighting

Proper lighting ensures the best outlook of clothing or garment products. If it’s not focused properly, it won’t appear with its actual look to your customers. When it comes to DIY clothing photography lighting, you have two choices to pick up- Natural lighting and Studio lighting. Firstly, if you prefer shooting at natural light, you will get amazing color tones naturally along with excellent backgrounds.

It’s mostly used in social media contexts. On the other hand, it needs a well-decorated studio set up to capture clothing products professionally. You must maintain light intensity, sensitivity & depth of field accurately. That’s how you get the best way to learn how to take professional clothing photos using lighting technology.

Choose the Most Appropriate Background

Choose the Most Appropriate Background

Background plays a vital role in all types of photography, including clothing or apparel photography. Whether it’s for ecommerce business, it should be properly chosen according to the environment and product type and color. So, pick the right background for clothing photos that matches your photoshoot.

Although pure white background is often used in ecommerce industry and it’s also recognized as a standard, you can also use solid green or keep it blank. Just remember that it shouldn’t overpower the products. Otherwise, customers’ attention may break down and it will be a reason to lose their interest.

Try to Showcase in Details

The learning of this part is to capture your products in details and not to miss the small things that can be necessary for customers. Let the audience know whether the fabric is stiff or soft. And, also let them see the tags, buttons, and zips and try to showcase how they look like.

Yes! It’s neither embarrassing nor funny. Customers like to observe all these things before making a purchase online. This is the way how you can reduce confusion of your consumers and most of the necessary information they will be able to get through the pictures.

Take the Best Photo Editing Service

This is the last segment of our clothing and apparel photography ideas for you. Once, you are done with your photoshoot, the post-production processes start. But is it really essential even you have in-depth knowledge and know- how to do clothing product photography. Well! A photographer captures hundreds of photos for a brand and it takes multiple steps to finish.

They need a final furnishing from professional hands to bring the perfectness that helps to take the photography to the next level. The most common editing tasks that you may need are likely clipping path, image cropping, background removing, color correction, ghost mannequin effect, drop shadows, and more.

As there are various services around you, how will you make the decision in choosing the appropriate one? It has some simple but crucial criteria to follow before you invest in it. Firstly, visit their business site, check history, and testimonials from customers. By this, you will get an overview of them. Later, have a look at their portfolio section along with the pricing list for different image editing services.

Most Common Clothing Photography Mistakes to Avoid

While you are going to start clothing photography for ecommerce, it needs to avoid some common mistakes that many beginner level photographers usually do. Let’s learn how to be awesome by bypassing them.

  • Firstly, preparing garment items is essential to capture their best looks. If the products are tattered or wrinkled, people won’t find them appealing. So, don’t start photoshoot before examining and preparing them top to bottom.
  • No doubt, it needs to implement the best lighting for clothing photography to showcase them in detail. So, having bright lighting should be a big concern to focus on the features and colors accurately.
  • What if you don’t know the best use of your camera? It won’t give you the best outcome if its settings are not on the right track. So, make sure you have the ability to control its aperture, ISO, Shutter speed, focus, and other options.
  • Do you know how to take pictures of clothes with white background? Some newbie photographers don’t take it seriously in utilizing the proper background. In clothing or apparel photography, white background plays an important role to focus the product.
  • Another most common mistake can happen in this case in choosing the right photo editing service provider. It requires to check some criteria along with quality, pricing, and working methods before finalizing one for your project.


To Conclude

Product photography is challenging in some ways as well as fun also. As an ecommerce owner, you must try and follow the guidelines we shared in this article. So, start learning how to take pictures for online clothing store that sales. Then what? Don’t make the mistakes we mentioned above. Apart from these, you must take the necessary steps to finalize the captured photos by furnishing them with the help of professional photo experts. That’s how you will achieve targeted customers and sales from your online store.