20 best lightroom presets for wedding photos

Wedding Photos Lightroom Preset_02

A picture is worth a thousand words. And they all tell a specific story. Every photo bears a story that may be sad or happy. But, wedding photos always bear happy stories. The couple always tries to keep their happy moments in the frame. For this reason, a lot of wedding photos are captured in a wedding ceremony. But, because of various unavoiding issues, these images may suffer from different types of color related problems. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can solve these issues. You can remove such shortcomings from the happy wedding images by applying many tools. In addition, you can add many charming effects that can make your images outstanding.

There are a plenty of Lightroom presets available on the internet that can make your image flawless. These presets can also add effects to your photos. Anyway, to help you to make your wedding photos stunning, we have created some Lightroom presets. We are sharing these presets with download links. You can download free and apply it to your images.

1. Color Correction for Wedding Photos

Lightroom presets for color correction is very useful to solve color issues. In the images below, there was glair. It created smoky effects on the wedding photos. This effect has spoiled the beauty of the wedding images.

No problem, you can remove this glair in Lightroom by applying our presets. Here, we have worked with Exposure, Shadow, White, Black, and most importantly the Highlight tool. It will enable you to make the image glittering.

After applying this preset, you may need a small retouching. It is because all the images are not of same quality, shape, lighting, resolution, etc. By the way, if this retouching seems burden to you, send us as Free Trial. We will work for you free and send back you within 12 hours.

Color Correction for Wedding Photos

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2. Wedding Photo: Lighting

Lighting is very much necessary for making any image gorgeous. It can make your image clear and vivid. It can bring forth the hidden part of the photo removing the black or too much shadow area.

You can make your wedding images clear applying this preset in Lightroom. To create this preset, we have used many tools like Exposure, Shadows, Contrast, Highlights, etc. that we have shown in the screenshot.

Wedding PhotoLighting1

In these two images, we have reduced the black shadows and bring out the hidden image behind the main objects. Look at the first image, there are two persons vivid after applying this preset, but before, they are unseen because of black shadow. This preset has reduced the black shadow from the second wedding image and made it vivid.

Wedding Photo Lighting

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3. Wedding Photo: Skin Tone Correction

Skin whitening or skin toning is very important for wedding images. For various reasons, proper lighting may not fall on the skin of the couples. In this case, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can help you to rescue the actual light. We have created a preset to make the job easy. You can download from the below link and apply to your wedding images.

For this work, we have used Contrast and Shadow tool of Lightroom. We used the property hundred percent that has vivified the actual skin texture along with skin whitening.


Notice the images below, the first one of the two images are something shadowy and do not clear as they should be. However, after applying the presets, we have got a good result. Match the two images and see the difference.

Wedding Photo Skin Tone Correction

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4. Wedding Photo: HDR Effect

This effect is very useful for your wedding images. It can bring the detail of the images. During a wedding, a lot of images may be captured in the evening. As a result, the photos may suffer from the scarcity of lights. However, you can get rid of this problem by applying our preset that we have created for the Lightroom users. Download this preset and apply it to your images. It will produce outstanding images like the below image.

Wedding Photo HDR Effect

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5. Wedding Photo: Sharpening & Noise Reduction

Your wedding photos may get noise during photography due to many reasons. It may also lose its sharpness. Anyway, to solve this problem, you can apply our Lightroom preset that we are sharing free. Just download from the link below and apply it.

To create this preset, we have used the Basic and Detail option of the Lightroom. We have worked with Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, and Whites tools for creating this preset. These tools will solve all the color related issues.

basic sharpening

Then, we have worked with the tools of Sharpening and Noise Reduction. Here, we use Amount, Luminous, Detail, etc. for making image noise free.

See the wedding photos below where we have applied the preset and the second of the two images is very clear and sharp. They are noise free and elegant that wedding images should be.

Wedding Photo Sharpening & Noise Reduction

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6. Wedding Photo: Fuzzy & Tint Photo restoration

Fuzzy and Tint destroys the beauty of any image. In case of wedding and old photos, this problem is very acute. It creates glair on the image and ruin the vivid quality of the images. It creates unwanted shadow, darkness, etc. that compels the images to lose their acceptance.

For making this preset, we have worked with Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, etc. that will improve the lighting quality. Then, we also work with Clarity and Vibrance that reduces the smoky shadows and bring the sharpness in the images.

Follow the image below, you can find the first one is fuzzy and not clear. On the other hand, the second image is very clear, vivid, and brighter to look. The result is the second image that we have got after applying this preset. You can use this preset on your wedding or any other images free. To do that download the preset from the link that we have shared below the image.

Wedding Photo Fuzzy & Tint Photo restoration

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7. Wedding Photos: Shadow Removing

This preset will help you to remove shadows from your wedding photos. Being taken most of the wedding images at the evening time, they get extra shadow that destroys the beauty of your pictures. These images cannot be appreciated much due to these shadows. Anyway, to make you relief from such a problem, we have created a Lightroom preset that will help you to drop out the pesky shadows.

During making this preset, we have used many tools like Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Noise Reduction, Clarity, etc. The application of these tools has enabled this preset to remove the glair and extra dark shadows of your wedding images.

Look at the images below, you will find glair and dark shadow in the wedding photos. After applying this preset, we have got the result as the second images show.

Wedding Photos Shadow Removing

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8. Wedding Photos: Black & White Effect

Sometimes you may think about black and white wedding images. That’s why, we have made a preset that has the ability to make your wedding photos black and white. This effect will provide an analog image look to your wedding images. You will feel that the images have been taken long before.

For making this preset, we have changed some data of the Lightroom tools. We go to B&W and changes all the color levels more or less. What we have done to create this preset in Lightroom is shown in the screenshot below.


Finally, we have applied this preset on some wedding images and got our expected result. This preset is very easy to create and to apply. You can apply this preset to your wedding photos downloading from here. To download, click on the link below and apply it in Lightroom to get the result. We swear, you will get your expected result as we said.

Black & White Effect

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9. Wedding Photo: Vintage Effect

Sometimes, you may like to turn your wedding images new to old or vintage. To do so in Lightroom is very easy. To provide you that pleasure, we have created a Lightroom preset. In this preset, we have shown how to give new wedding photos antic vintage look. If you like to make your image old, you can apply this preset downloading it from the link below.

To make this preset, we have done a lot with the Lightroom tools. We have changes the property of the slides of almost all the tools like Exposure, Contrast, Highlight, Shadows, Black, Whites, and many more. We have also worked with Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation.

2 vintage

And finally, we have applied the preset on the three wedding image and got our required result. In the first image, we have done a little retouching work to make the image stronger vintage. For getting light vintage color, we also did a little bit of retouching work. So, it is obvious that you have to do a little re-work after applying this preset on the images. However, this preset produces different result in different wedding images.


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10. Wedding Photo: Color Grading

Color grading specially refers to the application of something more color shades on the images. You might feel the necessity to provide an extra color shade to your wedding images. This type of effect will add an additional charm to your photos.

For making this preset, we worked with Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, and Clarity. Here, the Exposure will provide light to your image and contrast will add a dark shade onto your photos. We have increased the level of highlight up to 100% that has made the main object focused. Finally, we have applied the tool, Clarity to make the photo vivid and noise free.

Look at the wedding image below. The first one is the original and the second picture is the result of using this preset. See the image well and you can find a black color shade around the main object. Before the bride, we have applied yellow color that adds something a little bit vintage look. This preset provides a feel that an extra light fell from the top on the bride. Anyway, if you like this preset, you can download from the link and apply through Lightroom to your wedding images.

color G1

The result of the preset may vary on the different images and that’s why it may require a small retouching. However, if it seems difficult to you, send us as Free Trial. We will do the retouching work and send back to you within 12 hours.

color G1

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11. Wedding Photo: Matte Effect

It is a wonderful effect of Lightroom. This effect will provide an antic look to your wedding images. If you like this effect, you can download our Lightroom preset from the link we have shared below. To create this preset, we have worked with Exposure, Highlight, Shadows, etc. But, we’ve mostly worked with Saturation. To bring matte effect on the wedding images, we have applied a less saturation and color effect.

Look at the images we have attached below, the second images are the result of the first images. The matte images is a little bit of faded. This effect has brought a bit of vintage and old look on the wedding images.

Matt effect

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12. Wedding Photo: Cinematic Effect

It is one of the elegant Lightroom effect. The images having this effect looks extraordinary. To make this effect in Lightroom is pretty much tricky. That is why, we have made a preset that can add a cinematic effect on your images. If you want to add this effect to your wedding images, you can download this preset and apply. This cinematic effect will add a charm in your wedding photo and make it stunning to look.

To create this preset, we have changed the level of the various Lightroom tools like Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, etc. This changes have made this preset valuable and it has the ability to add a romantic look on your wedding photos.

Cinematic Effect

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13. Wedding Photo: Fairy Effect

This is a very useful and an outstanding Lightroom effect that can make your wedding images stunning. This fairy effect has the ability to create a romantic and metaphysical look on your wedding images. It can add a bit of horror look that may be your desired effect.

However, if you like to add this fairy effect on your wedding images, you can download a preset that we have shared through the link below. Then, upload in Lightroom and apply to your images to get the fairy effect. It will bring a stunning look onto your wedding photos.

Download This Preset

14. Wedding Photo: Cool Urban Desaturated Look

This preset is very interesting. If your images get more color or light, you can desaturate your images. Besides, if you want to see your images to provide old look, you can use this preset. It will provide a cool lighting effect in your wedding images.

However, to create this Lightroom preset, we have changed the many tools like Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Contrast, etc. More importantly, we have worked on the Saturation and Color tool. We have reduced the saturation to make the images cool that provides your images something old look.

We have tried to reduce your labor and that’s why, we have created this Lightroom preset. You can download the preset from the link we’ve provided below. Upload it and apply to your image. To get the best result, you may need a small retouching work.

Download This Preset

15. Wedding Photo: Dramatic Look

Lightroom preset is awesome for image editing work. To provide your wedding image a dramatic look is a wonderful task. It generally provides a romantic and metaphysical feeling to the images. A dramatic effect will increase the beauty of the images. It will turn an ordinary image to elegant and gorgeous situation. To provide a gorgeous dramatic look on your wedding images, we have created this preset. It will add a nice dramatic shade on your images.

To make this preset, we have worked much on the Color tools like Hue, Saturation, Exposure, Shadows, Contrast, Highlights, and so on. To apply this preset, download free and upload in Lightroom. You may need a little retouching work it the images are different in colors, resolutions, exposures, etc.


Download This Preset

16. Wedding Photo: Masculine Effect

A bridegroom image always should have masculine look, on the contrary, the bride must be gorgeous with her brightness. The images of the man must be bold and elegant, and the woman must be soft & adorable to look with her beautiful wedding dress. From this perspective, here we are presenting a Lightroom preset that will add a masculine effect on the bridegroom wedding images. In general, a man wears coat, pant, and shoes of black color. So, boldness is the demand of this attire. This preset will fulfill this demand of the wedding images.

Download This Preset

17. Wedding Photo: Sweet Warm Color Effect

The sweet warm color effect will make your wedding images more beautiful. This effect will increase the color, hue, saturation, light, etc. That is very important for emerging any image to a new height. To make a cool & beautiful image, this effect is very crucial and that is why we have made a Lightroom preset. You can download this preset from our website.

In making this preset, we have worked on the Exposure, Highlights, Hue, Saturation tools of the Lightroom. Finally, we have tested this preset on several images and shared some of these images below so that you can have an idea of the warm color effect.

Sweet Warm Color Effect

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18. Wedding Photo: Duotone Effect

This effect is a very funny and easy effect that can provide an extra charming on your wedding images. It is a game of RGB colors. Look at the below images, you can feel the difference. However, if you are a Lightroom expert, you can have the fun. Don’t worry, we have made a preset that can enable you to apply duotone effect on your wedding images. To make this preset, we mostly worked with the Lightroom tools like Hue, Saturation, Colors, etc. Most importantly, we have worked on the tool Tone Curve that has made the difference.

Download This Preset

19. Wedding Photo: Dragan Effect

It is a strange Lightroom effect. This effect is applied especially on the images of the aged people. It changes a cool image to a little bit horror look. It makes the image a bit faded and desaturated. Look at the wedding image of the aged guys below on which we applied this preset and got this result. If you wanna get this preset, you can download it and then apply to get the dragan effect on your images. This preset works on the exposure, Contrast, Detail, Clarity, etc. that produces the result as the below images are presenting.

Download This Preset

20. Wedding Photo: Orton Style Photographic Effect

This effect is very charming. It will provide an autumn effect on your wedding image. It will add extra winter stricken situation on your image. Look at the wedding image below, you can feel the difference. Anyway, to get this effect on your wedding images, we have created a Lightroom preset. You can download it from our website.

Download This Preset

To conclude, we like to say that all the Lightroom Presets that we have created and shared here will help you very much to get your desired effect on your wedding images. These presets are very unique. They can make your images outstanding. If you want to use these preset, download from the link for free.