Professional Photo Glamour Retouching and Digital Makeup /Cosmetology Services

glamour retouchingProfessional Glamour Retouching & Digital Makeup /Cosmetology offers greater exposure for personal portraits and model/celebrity images. Digital Makeup /Cosmetology and Glamour Retouching Service ensures the touch of extreme perfection in images containing human characters or models. To highlight and boost the expression of an image by retouching different body parts, Digital Cosmetology & Glamour Retouching is the best option. Again, Digital Slimming in 2D (still) image can ensure best exposure even for the bulky models.

At Color Experts International (CEI), we can colorize a B&W image, add, change or remove background or object, repair that old faded picture, remove red eyes or enhance the image and make it the way it was meant to be.

The photo-retouching experts of CEI do the following work using Professional Glamour Retouching:

  • Color correction
  • Red eye removal caused by flash
  • Minor blemish removal
  • Blemish removal
  • Minor dental repair
  • Digital facelift
  • Skin smoothing
  • Moderate weight reduction
  • Age reduction by removing wrinkles & facial lines
  • Professional treatments for advertising
  • Removal of minor flaws or stray hairs
  • Removal of minor background/foreground distractions
  • Manipulation/reconstruction of face or body parts
  • Retouch wedding photos

Digital Makeup