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Image Cutout is a widely used image editing service. Color Experts International, Inc. has brought the most professional Image Cutout service for everyone ranging from personal needs to professional requirements.Photoshop Photo Cut-out helps image professionals and customers to isolate a specific portion of an image from its unsuitable background. The isolated part of an image created by Photo Cutout service can be used for different purposed with various backgrounds.

Currently, we can provide 5,000 image per day and the usual turn around time is 12-24 hours. Before on-boarding as a customer, you can try us for free. Hit the free trial button below!



Based on the procedures, complexity, target products or item photos, we have categorized our Cutout services into 6 important categories:

Basic Product Image Cutout

Basic photo cut-out is the primary category. It generally requires a single path with mostly straight curves, since the image does not have any holes. This technique applied to round, rectangular, and small curved shaped product such as ball, mobile, plate, ring, egg, book, spoon etc.

Simple Product Image Cutout

Simple Photo Cut-out is applied to curved products with hole such as T-shirt, shoes, ring, watch, ear ring, chair, camera etc. In simple Deep-etch, the number of curves and anchor points of the path is greater than the basic Photo Cut out.

Medium Product Image Cutout

Medium Photo Cut-out includes multiple holes and designs on images with multiple curves. The number of anchor points here is greater than the simple Photo Cut out. These images may have few embedded transparency (holes). It is performed on bracelets, group shoes, group watch, motor parts, group rings, double shoes, group foods etc.

Complex Product Image Cutout

Complex Photo Cut-out is applied to images of compound and complex shapes, designs or group photos, these products many holes/embedded transparency and many closed paths. It is applied to various products such as chain, group people, furniture, group bracelets, furry doll, jewelry, net, group images, cycle etc.

Multiple Product Image Cutout

Multiple Photo Cut out service is the specialty of CEI. With this service, the client can change individual component of an image in terms of enhancing or changing color level, multiple fillings, opacity, size, rotation, filters, effects, and more. Items or product images that require Multiple Photo Cut-out are GIF & Flash composite animation, fashion catalogs, e-commerce products, fashion catalog, web template, and more.

Super Complex Product Image Cutout

Super Complex Photo Cut-out is applied on a wide range of products with around double hole, complexity, fence, gate like shape, vertical and horizontal zigzag design that requires large number of paths and anchor points. For example- fence, multiple doll, group photos with flying hair involve group or single decorative chain, group shot hair path, group bracelets, furry doll, gate of buildings, trees etc.


Our prime and sought after services include clipping path, image background removal, product photo editing, wedding photo retouching, 3D design, motion graphics & animation, and so on. Get a detailed idea about our popular services from the section below.


Over 15,000 photo editing clients all over the world, some of them speak for us!

  • Avatar 1
    Nicholsons , E-commerce, Product Seller

    I use Color Experts on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best. The quick “turn around” time is vital in helping us to keep our online product catalogue fresh and up-to-date.

  • Kith Wig Seratch , AB Kajpromenaden, Helsingborg Sweden

    CEI has been providing me clipping path services for a long time. The quality and turnaround time are second to none. I recommend CEI for superior Clipping Path and top-notch Image Manipulation Services at very very reasonable cost.

  • Jon Ven Gorder , Van Gorder Studis, Fairfield, CT USA

    As a digital photographer, I’ve relied on color Expert many times for high quality clipping path, completed and delivered overnight. My clients demand fast service and Color Expert help me deliver it.

  • Laurie G. , Photographer

    I had shot some peewee league football players and was going to select them all out – individually and make one big team collage… Color experts clipping service was awesome!! Saved me MANY hours of work – especially since that is not typically what I do and selecting out takes me longer than an expert :)

  • Avatar 2
    Caroline, Dropshipping Suppliers

    Hello to you and your wonderful staff! You and your company has provided excellent service to me at an excellent price for many years. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and excellence in the quality of work you provide.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

1What Is Image Cutout In Photoshop?

Image cutout and deep-each service in Photoshop are mainly same type of photo editing services. Image cutout is done using Pen tool of Photoshop. It includes clipping path, layer masking, channel masking, etc. In this service, the main image is extracted from an unsuitable background or remove background. It further helps to change or replace new image background suitable for various business platform. At Color Experts International, we are providing image cutout service. Our experienced graphic experts use latest image cutout tools for removing image background keeping 100% product accuracy in shape, pattern, design, hole, and it is totally hand-drawn photo editing service.

2What image formats do you receive for this service?

We accept all image formats such as JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, PSD, PNG, GIF, PDF, RAW, ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc. You can send your images, what formats it does not matter.

1Who take Image Cutout Service?

Image cutout service is very useful for e-commerce owners, magazine or catalog companies, famous model products & fashion photographers, well-known photo studios, pre-press & printing companies and web design houses, etc. These industries are using a lot of images which requires to cutout unsuitable image background. As they don’t have in-house graphic designers, they outsource image cutout service.

2Who can be benefited from Photo Cutout Service?

We experience that e-commerce business owners, advertising agencies, photographers, fashion houses, printing, graphic designers, and prepress companies can get a lot of benefits from Image Cut-out service. We also offer this service for personal image editing works.

3What Type Of Benefits I Can Get?

The following advantages you can get from our image cutout service:

  • This technique can save your valuable time.
  • It can reduce a designer’s work load.
  • You can get high end quality image within deadline.
  • It is very cost effective.
  • You will get professional images suitable for commercial uses.