Google Shopping Store Photo Editing

Google shopping is a process or search engine that pulls out the information from the merchant website shows the desired products to the people who search through Google search option and thus help people to buy the right products. Google shopping is one of the most popular and beneficial platforms for online business owners. They can easily take the advantage provided by google and increase eCommerce sales. For that, the business owners have to maintain some guidelines from google so that google can bring forth their product information to the searchers appropriately.

Google Shopping Image editing guidelines

If you want to upload product images for showing on Google shopping store, you have to obey Google's recommended instruction, otherwise, you will fail to get google approval. Google’s recommended guidelines are the following-

  • In the case of the missing product image, google shopping will not pull product data.
  • Partly product photo will not be approved
  • Image with dishonest behavior related to image sizes, formats, weights, etc.
  • You cannot use promotional texts or logos
  • You cannot show multiple parts of a kit or SKU
  • Google recommends using images with a solid white, gray, or light-colored background instead of multi-color or black backdrops.
  • Google doesn’t allow watermarked images.
  • Images will not be approved with a placeholder, “looks like” image, or a “representative part” image
  • Google disapproves product pages with redirects.

Image Sizes Requirements:

  • Non-apparel images: from 32 x 32 to 100 x 100 pixels
  • Maximum image size: larger 500 pixels x 500 pixels or even 800 pixels x 800 pixels
  • Apparel image: at least 250 x 250 pixels
  • No image larger than 64 Megapixel
  • No image file larger than 16 MB

Image formats:

  • GIF (.gif),
  • JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg),
  • PNG (.png),
  • BMP (.bmp), and
  • TIFF (.tif/.tiff

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