Desktop Publishing Service

 High Quality Desktop Publishing Services  We can deliver 100 images/day  Price starts from $19.90 /image

Prepress & Desktop Publishing Services

The print media is not dead and it will not be for another decade. For the print media, Desktop Publishing & Prepress Services has great importance. However, currently Desktop Publishing and Prepress services also has been adopted by the electronic media. Desktop Publishing & Prepress Services of Color Experts International (CEI) is one of its oldest professional services.

For Desktop Publishing & Prepress Service, we have highly skilled & experienced and customer-oriented global marketing professionals. CEI is also equipped with high-tech prepress equipments and hardwares for high quality prepress publishing delivery. For prepress jobs, CEI assess the objectives, collect the materials for prepress processing, commission the service for prepress, prepare & deliver the final prepress publishing task.

For Desktop Publishing & Prepress Services, we utilize the following softwares: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd & .eps), Adobe InDesign (.indd), Adobe PageMaker (.pmd), Acrobat Exchange, QuarkXpress (.qxd), CorelDraw (.cdt), Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), OpenOffice Writer (.odt), Scribus (.sla), Autorun Media Studio (.exe e-books), and various e-book plugins. CEI has experience in working with Windows (Vista, XP, & below), MAC OS (OS10 & below), and LINUX Operating systems for Prepress & Desktop Publication.


Corporate Identity Design

Our company has been designing logo, business card, ID card, letterhead pad, envelop, seal, invoice, folder etc. for many business companies/corporations for decades. Since a corporation is a separate entity which gives an impression about the theme and motto of a business, our dedicated Prepress service is always working day and night for this.

The best part of our prepress service is, with instructions from our client’s side, we undertake and execute the job creatively and passionately in the fastest time possible. Our valued customers just have to take a little burden after we finish the work, that is, send the designs for printing and wait, because prepress is all about channeling your burden and relax. All they have to do is take the delivery from us and send them to press for printing.

DVD or Blue-ray Cover Design
Prepress Services
Corporate Identity Package
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