January 18, 2024
Cityscape Photography

Cityscape Photography: Capturing Urban Skyscrapers, Traffic & More

Cityscape photography is a robust medium for reflecting the urban hustle and bustle aesthetically. No matter whether it’s the urban luminosity, eye-catching buildings, steady & moving vehicles, or busy passers-by. This photography can capture every nook and corner of a particular city. This write-up aims to cover the ins and
January 2, 2024
Creative Still Life Photography

Creative Still Life Photography | Studio Setup, Lighting, & Composition

The best thing about still life photography is that it will let you experiment with shots umpteen times as the subjects in this type of photography don’t move. Whether it’s an arsenal of books, home décor like a set of flowers, or a piece of furniture, you will have every
November 14, 2023

Event Photography Gear and Settings in Focus

Event photography is an on-demand genre of professional photography worldwide, but it demands specialization in gear and settings to come off.  To help you specialize in event photography equipment and settings, we have put together actionable tips in this write-up. No matter whether you plan to shoot indoor or outdoor
July 29, 2023

Traveling with a Tripod on a Plane: Everything you should know

If you have got your first international assignment as a professional photographer, you must be concerned about carrying your photography gear onboard, especially, a big and bulky item like a tripod. Not just for the first assignment, even if you regularly travel by plane for photography but never took your
May 14, 2023

Best Sigma Art Lenses in 2024: Professional Choices

Sigma Art lenses have obtained a robust reputation among photographers for their exceptional image quality, build quality, and adaptability. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, choosing the proper type of lens is crucial for capturing stunning photos. With Sigma’s Art line, you can access some of the best lenses
April 30, 2023
Best Hand Grip Camera Strap for Photographers

Best Hand Grip Camera Strap for Photographers

As photography becomes increasingly popular and accessible, having a reliable hand grip camera strap is crucial for any photographer. A camera strap is designed to provide comfort, stability, and security when holding your camera, allowing you to take steady and unique Photoshoots with ease. In this article, we have researched
January 12, 2022
Winter Photography Ideas

Top Winter Photography Ideas to Follow [2024]

Winter may not be the most lucrative time of the year to go outside and click some amazing pictures. While some people would prefer to spend more time indoors, in reality, it is the best time to capture some dreamlike images. Below we are sharing our list of 18 winter
December 7, 2019

Event Photography Handbook: Be an Expert Event Photographer

One of the most exciting niches for photographers is event photography. Out of numerous mass gatherings events like weddings, corporate, concerts, dinner parties, sports events, etc. are notable for photography. Photography is an integral part of these events and worldwide millions of photographers take awesome images in every event. The