10 Practical Tips for Stunning New York Travel Photography


New York, also known as the City that Never Sleeps where photography is like a dream come true for every aspiring photographer out there. This place has a unique vibe you can feel as soon as you step outside. However, New York is enormous, and there are so many places worth your time that are off the beaten track.

If you are visiting the Big Apple and want to get into New York photography, you need to have a plan. Capturing the heart and soul of this city with your camera could be trickier than you think. Of course, there are tons of famous photography locations such as the Statue of Liberty, One World Observatory, Rockefeller Center, and so on that will look amazing in your New York photography collection.

But remember that you can find real gems when you go out and explore the city on your own. So, here are some of our favorite tips for all the creative photographers who want to take their New York photography to the next level.

1. The Importance of Accommodation


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If you are visiting New York, try to find accommodation that is close to some of the more popular sights. For instance, Manhattan is ideal since there is no shortage of attractions in this part of the city. You can check off Central Park, Times Square, and Empire State Building from your list in just a couple of hours.

2. Create a Schedule


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Those of you who are visiting New York should make a list of all the sights you want to photograph. Apps like Google Maps can help you get familiar with the city even if you have never been there before. Planning will make you more efficient and help you get the most of the time you will be spending in the Big Apple.

3. Take Typical Tourist Photos


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New York is simply awe-inspiring. It’s only one of the reasons why the city is so popular among photographers. Don’t shy away from taking the standard tourist photos of, let’s say, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Empire State Building. They could be an excellent addition to your growing New York photography portfolio or look great on your walls.

4. A Way to Move Around

New York is a true metropolis. The city is quite large, so the cheapest and fastest way to visit as many places as possible is public transport. We recommend using the subway because it gives you even more New York photography opportunities.

5. Entry Fees

This city is one of the most visited places in the world, and entry fees for some tourists could be expensive. Additionally, there is a possibility you could lose your entire day waiting in a queue. If you want to take photos from the top of the Empire State Building, the best way to save up some money and get in faster is by buying tickets in advance.

6. Street Photography


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There is always something going on in New York, making it a perfect place to try street New York photography. The very diversity of the city will inspire you to grab your camera and capture the people around you. Pick a neighborhood like SoHo, Williamsburg, or Broadway, buy a cup of coffee and take as many photos as you can.

7. Stunning Architecture

From iconic skyscrapers to world-famous bridges – New York has a cityscape that is almost made for photography. You can find so many architectural styles within one place that you will never run out of photo opportunities.

If you are interested in Art Deco, the Chrysler Building is the symbol of the old New York and still manages to look futuristic. You can experience the Gothic Revival by viewing Brooklyn’s or Manhattan’s brownstones.

8. Snap Away

On the other hand, New York might surprise you with its tiny details. Take photos of everything that grabs your attention during a walk through a neighborhood. Plan a day off and don’t make a schedule for yourself – go for snaps and enjoy the moment. You will get to explore the city in a whole new way and create a one-of-a-kind New York photography series.

9. Proper Timing

While there is no universal rule when to take photos in New York, always think about the best possible lighting. Consider going out early in the morning or late afternoon. Nights are spectacular in New York, so don’t miss out on that either. Also, bad weather shouldn’t discourage you, especially if you are a visitor. Both rainy and snowy conditions can result in magical shots.

10. Different Perspective

New York is the perfect place to work on your shooting style and experiment a bit. You can start by playing with the perspective. Have you seen hundreds of images of the same landmark from the same angle? The answer is probably yes. Get creative and see what you can do. The quickest way to add more freshness to the shot is to use a different lens or change them often.

Additionally, think about shooting New York photography from the top of a building since those compositions are always exciting.

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