eBay Product Images: Requirements, Best Practices, and Mistakes to Avoid

eBay is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. People love to browse eBay from 190+ countries and 7 million+ business and individuals use this platform for selling their products. Almost 170 million+ active users use eBay for buying their daily goods. This data shows how popular eBay as an eCommerce website. Now the question is why and how the sellers have made the platform so engaging? The answer is the wide range of products. Product listing is a crucial online sales strategy followed by the eCommerce sellers. The success depends here on how perfectly they are using eBay, how well their product images are optimized, and whether their product images comply with eBay image uploading requirements or not. Let’s have a detailed guideline-

eBay’s ‘Must Do’ Image Requirements

To do well as a seller on eBay, you have to maintain its image uploading requirements. eBay has two types of image requirements- general requirements and technical requirements. If you want to get success in this platform, you have to follow eBay’s guidelines like Amazon’s product image uploading requirements.

General Requirements include:

• You must have rights to use the product image
• Image cannot infringe others’ intellectual property rights
• Need minimum one image per product
• Maximum 12 free images can be used
• For automotive listing, you can use 24 images
• Images must be realistic to the products
• Image background should be clean
• Only product should be highlighted

Technical Requirements include:

• The minimum product image size on eBay is 500x500 pixels.
• The maximum product image size on eBay is 9,000 x 9,000 pixels.
• The maximum file size is 12 MB
• Image must be clear, free from pixelation or distortion
• Don’t scale up or stretch thumbnail image
• Product image formats are PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF.
• JPEG image quality scale must be 90 or higher.

eBay’s product images must be free from-

To get success in eBay product sales, your product must comply with eBay image uploading guidelines. A lot of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ cam make your eBay business profitable. The following things you have to avoid from the photos for eBay product listing-

Further Quality Requirements for eBay Product Images

Since only photography cannot guarantee for the high-quality product images, you have to take image editing services. During quality enhancement in Photoshop, the following things we have to keep in mind to make the images appropriate for eBay.
• Your images must have light grey or white background. If your images contain any other backgrounds, then take remove background services.
• You cannot use placeholder images.
• You have to use a primary image. Customers can view this product image first.

    • It should be a front view of the product.
    • It can be straight or slightly angle
    • It should be a close-up shot of the product
    • Ensure maximum visibility of the product’s details
    • For multipacks, this image should be detailed-oriented.
    • You cannot show only the box of products that are displayable until they are like computer software.

• Your secondary product image can show the product from other angles.
• You can display a product from different angles in the same image-frame and in that case, your both images must be clear and detail representation of the product.
• Don’t ruin the product details while cropping and resizing your product’s photo.
• For displaying watches, clothing, jewelry, wearable tech, and similar products, you can human body parts like hands or arms.