February 26, 2024
Photography Props-guide

Photography Props: Ultimate Guide to Elevate Your Shots

One of the secret ingredients that can turn a simple photo into captivating art is the use of props. Props are objects added to a photo scene to enhance its meaning, add depth, or convey a specific emotion or theme. Think of props as the supporting actors in a movie.
July 29, 2023

Traveling with a Tripod on a Plane: Everything you should know

If you have got your first international assignment as a professional photographer, you must be concerned about carrying your photography gear onboard, especially, a big and bulky item like a tripod. Not just for the first assignment, even if you regularly travel by plane for photography but never took your
January 2, 2019
guidelines for jewelry photo retouching

The Best Guidelines for Jewelry Photo Retouching

[Updated on June 2022] Jewelry is one of the most precious items used by human beings especially womenfolk as a way of adornment. Previously, people snapped up jewelry by visiting each and every jewelry showroom. Even though people are still reliant on purchasing their jewelry by a physical visit to