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With more than 30 years of experience, CEI has grown its reputation across the globe and satisfied thousands of clients. To learn more about our success story, read here.

Color Experts International, Inc. has always valued and upheld a cooperative approach to its precious clients and working partners. Since the company believes in teamwork and experience sharing, CEI happily commences a unique marketing program for anyone who is interested to work and grow his/her career more with CEI.

Are you interested in image manipulation? Or do you have previous experience of handling Photoshop/Illustrator? Are you a photographer or into e-commerce business? If you’ve passion or at least interest for any of these, it means we are in the same business.

Do you have the persuasive tone? Can you manage situations where others fail? Does your voice reflect your confidence? Are you prompt at crafting your words? If yes, then congratulations! We are looking for someone like you.

Now, CEI brings you the opportunity to earn money alongside your regular work. If you think you belong to a circle that somehow is related to our service and you can influence and convince your contacts to be a client of ours, you get a source of permanent income that may last for your lifetime.

An ideal candidate should-

  • Be a Native American/British
  • Be Willing to work in percentage/salary based work
  • Have Photoshop knowledge, or at least know the techniques or services in detail
  • Have Marketing experience for at least three years in relevant field
  • Relevant ideas on editing, image manipulation, 3D and other graphic works
  • Been a photographer, or been closely acquainted with group of photographers
  • Been a fashion designer or closely affiliated with this field
  • Own or work in an e-commerce site and have knowledge on the filed very well
  • Success oriented and determined
  • Education in relevant field will be an asset
  • Have clear understanding on what he/she will be doing
  • Pleasant personality
  • Willing to conduct both online and local marketing
  • Can take challenge to achieve target/goal

Personal Info:

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Color Expert International, Inc. is a US based company with 30+ years of experience in image manipulation service. HQ situated in Virginia, CEI has its corporate office in Sharjah, Dubai and a production studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With more than 250 expert and professional graphics designers, CEI offers Photoshop image manipulation service (e.g. clipping path, masking, ghost mannequin, image restoration, raster to vector, photography post production), advertisement design (e.g. logo, catalogue, brochure, temple, leaflet), 3D modelling, and video editing services. Mostly from North America, CEI has more than 10,000 happy and permanent clients across the globe.
Will be determined upon discussion.
Currently we’re looking for natives only. However, you can drop your CV, if we think you’re suitable then we’ll contact you.
It may seem like an affiliate program but we do not see it in that way. Our approach to this marketing campaign is different.
It depends, but we would definitely appreciate and evaluate your effort if you can show us the result.
We’ll provide you with the list of clients. Your job is to knock their door and bring them to us. You have your freedom to use your expert marketing skills and creative ideas. However, we would provide you a guideline to support your effort which also will work as your manual for do’s and don’ts.
NO! This is NOT just a onetime income. The best part of this job is, once you bring a client to us, you’ll get a percentage of the client’s total bill for each time he/she does any business with us. If the client does business with us for years, you’ll get your regular cut for years!!
This is not an hourly job. Once you bring us a client and we sign up a deal with the client, we’ll calculate your cut according to your percentage rate and send you the money.
CEI maintains complete transparency and strict accountability policy to its respected clients, partners, and employees.
Please fill up the form here. We will evaluate your qualification and relevant experience and get back to you once you’re shortlisted for the position.
You can contact us via email for further updates.
We always value any important suggestions that can elevate the standard of our business. Feel free to write to us.
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