Hire Professional Graphic Designers

D esire for attraction is the creator of this Graphics Design industry. From printed materials to web design, the need for graphics design is boundless. Color Experts International, Inc. has a group of talented Digital Artisans who are highly skilled in working with western taste and cultures. The experienced Creative Graphics Design members of the CEI Design Studio Team assess your objectives, research, conceptualize, commission the photography, collect components for the Creative & Web Graphics Design, and create, produce, print and deliver the design to your complete satisfaction.

Our business-oriented service makes us unique in the crowd of other Graphics Design Offshore Outsourcing Companies. Being involved with the print media for long time, CEI has experience in designing advertisement, book/magazine/CD covers, and specially in Graphics Designs for web sites.

Graphic Design Service of CEI

Professional & Corporate Logo Design

Logo is the most important branding component for any business or company and the mostly used branding instrument for promotion and shouting out corporate presence. However, custom logo design requires aesthetic & thematic conception, prior planning, and eliminating negative impacts with professionalism. Our professional logo designers can give you the freedom to skip the processes.

Each logo is media optimized (converted for your desired media) for full support in very high-resolution logos that can be independently used in any media. Cost of professional & Corporate Logo Design services ranges from $50-$200. Attractive discount offered on volume logo design project.

Brochure Design

Business Brochure is the most valuable element for Corporate Identity as well as for marketing. Brochures are descriptive component that are widely used for various corporate activities for marketing, corporate social responsibilities, customer support, and many other corporate functions. Therefore, an attractive Brochure is very essential for shouting Corporate Identity, for training and customer support purposes. Take the opportunity of our Professional Corporate Brochure, and Manual Design Service at very low cost. We also design Corporate e-Brochure, and e-Manuals in e-book formats.

We produce the Templates for the following types of Full Color Brochure, or Manuals: Bi-Fold Catalog (Brochure or Manuals) in various paper sizes (Letter, A4, A3), Both Side Printed Unfold Leaflet Brochure (Manuals) in various paper sizes (Letter, A4, A3), Tri-fold Manuals (Brochure) in various paper sizes (Letter, A4, A3), Multi-fold Manuals (Brochure) in various large paper sizes (legal & larger), Multi-page Catalogs (Brochure or Manuals) in various sizes (Letter, A4, A3), and Product Sample Brochure in various sizes (Letter, A4, A3).

We charge $25- $50 per page of a brochure. The pricing depends upon the work done per requirement. Discounts are offered from time to time on volume order.

Magazine & Book Layout Design

Magazine, Book, Catalog, Brochure, and E-Book Layout design is one of our oldest service. Hence, we have solid experience in this field. Our highly skilled desktop publishing & graphics design professionals can provide you high quality services for your Magazine or Book Layout Design for Prepress & Desktop Publishing and print media at low cost.

For Magazine & Book Layout Design we use the following softwares:Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Adobe InDesign (.indd), QuarkXpress (.qxd), Adobe PageMaker (.pmd), OpenOffice Writer (.doc), Scribus, etc. in Windows (Vista & below), MAC OS (OS10 & below), and LINUX Operating systems working environment & platform. We charge $ 200-$400 per Magazine & Book Layout Design.

Magazine & Book Cover Design

A Good Magazine & Book Cover Design can say more than thousand words. Therefore, a good Cover Design for Books, Magazines or CDs is a very good marketing and promotion instrument. However, Professional Book/Magazine/CD Cover Design is a very costly service if it involves creative works.

Use our offshore pool of globally acclaimed Fine Arts Illustrators, Magazine & Book Cover Designers, and Professional Digital Artisans to get professional Magazine/CD/Book Cover Design Service at very marginal cost. We also provide professional Catalog, Brochure, CD & DVD Inserts & Cover Design Service.

E- Greeting cards

From Customer Management to Promotion, Greeting Cards have a great role. Professional Invitation and Tent Cards also have great use in the Corporate Arena. If your company works globally, then you may need several Greetings Cards for various global occasions. Please allow us to provide you with the yearly stock of your Greetings, Invitation, and Tent Cards at low cost.

We have experience in designing multi-cultural global Greetings Cards as well as various Invitation cards. Try our service to get those innovative themes and designs of e-greetings card rather than heading for the typical bunch of designs for greetings and invitation cards, and you will surely achieve the expectations that you always wanted.