Amazon Marketplace Photo Editing

Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform for selling millions of products. It is like heaven for online retailers and product vendors. Continuously they are posting new product images. If you are one of them, we work for you. We offer product photo editing and retouching services for the Amazon eCommerce stores as per the image requirements. We have more than 250+ skilled and experienced photo editors and graphic designers who are well-capable of editing any product images for Amazon storefront. Our worldwide customers are happy having flawless clipping path services cutout image, product retouching, and many more. In our production house, we use all the modern photo manipulation software including Pen Tablet.

What We Do for Editing Amazon Store Images

CEI leaves no stone unturned to make a product image stunning to be sold enough necessary to make a huge profit. According to the client’s requirement and guideline, we work on Amazon image optimization and do the following stuff-

1. We generate JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG format as recommended by Amazon.
2. Keep sRGB or CMYK color mode.
3. Maintain a 10 MB image size maximum.
4. Produce 1000 or larger images in dimension.
5. We name the file by the product identifier, such as Amazon ASIN, EAN, UPC, JAN, and ISBN.
6. We maintain appropriate file extension without dashes, spaces, or unapproved characters.
7. When we edit the product image with realistic colors and smooth edges.
8. Place images rightly in the image frame.
9. Remove image background, and replace the pure white background.
10. Remove distracting extra text and graphics.
11. We cut out Pornographic and offensive objects from the frame.
12. Photoshop watermarks, logo, or unexpected objects.
We work as per Amazon image editing best practices. Such as-

1. If you want, we produce 5-6 photos of each product so that you can allow your audience to view products from multiple angles. You can take the opportunity to showcase products in detail.
2. For generating more realistic and stunning product images, our designers use photos of human and other objects with the product images.
3. We add a live image with product photos, for example, shoes wearing on human legs.
4. We add products outside of the box. It gives a stunning look with box and uncovered products besides it.
5. Our photo editing experts add a zoomed portion of the product so that you can give a closure view of the products to your consumers.
6. We optimize your Amazon product photos for the mobile view. Your images will be lightweight and responsive for all media so that you can present products to all types of viewers- mobile or desktop.

If you search for a perfect photo editing service provider with a cheap rate, we can be your great helping hand. You can contact us anytime for all types of photo manipulation services with the best prices. We always provide the best possible quality image editing & optimization for our clients. To check our service quality, take our free trial service. To match our service price with your budget, get a quote for the price. We are capable of editing 5000+ images per day. If you have such a bulk amount of product image and you want to take editing and retouching services, you will get up to 40% discounts. Grab the opportunity.