Zebra Skin Design in Photoshop

zebra skin design

To create a Zebra Skin Design create a new document 1300 x 650 pixels  and create a new layer into it. Select a portion below it. Right click into the selection then choose fill. Now choose square types pattern category and drop its layer opacity at 40%. To write we need font, I choose one as I like. But you can choose as you want.

Type something into the canvas as you want here I wrote “LET”. Apply drop shadow into the text layer. Here have to set blend mode as multiply, opacity 100%, angle 120 degree, distance 5 pixels, spread 0%, and size 25%. With gradient tool make a smooth transition on the floor.

In here we will create shadow into text. For this select text layer and create a new layer. Maintain its selection then fill with black. Rotate it vertically with the transform tool as Ctrl + T. Again create a new layer and named it zebra. Load text layer selection and choose make work path. Choosing pen tool and choose stroke path.

Then stroke path include stamp. And change blending mode to overlay to make zebra texture. Under shadow layer create. Now grab lasso tool of 50 pixels and render cloud inside it. Press Ctrl + L for level adjustment tool and apply RGB channel and color contrast .073. Again use free transform for reduce the amount of cloud and set it behind text.

Now duplicate light layer few times, reduce layer opacity 20-30%. All of the layers apply curves and levels. After these go to text layer and make the text of black, it will look more creative and attractive.

Almost done this tutorial, just add some effect to looks more realistic and zebra screened. Not necessary to make it sharp, I want to set here noise. So duplicate the layer and add some noise. And set color then we will get our wishing photo.