Excellent Text Effect in illustrator

Excellent Text Effect in illustrator

Process of creating Text Effect in illustrator:

Through using illustrator create 3D text because illustrator has a very nice 3D filter and working excellent. Then type text which you want in where I like. For these go to effect -> 3D -> Extrude and Bevel then change the position to off-axis bottom. Rotate the text until as you want. I rotate it about 35 degrees and select draw hidden faces to getting some exclusive design of the end of the tutorial or image.

Now expand the 3D effect by selecting and changing the color of the text. Now go to object -> expand appearance. Select the text’s outer faces and fill them with the black color. Then select magic wand too (w), select black faces, and delete the selection. It’s time to change color, go to image -> adjustments -> hue/saturation, and change color to orange.

Here have to make sure background color black and the foreground color white. Go to filter -> render -> clouds. Then resize layer and change the blend mode to color dodge. Now create a new layer on top of all layers which I would like fill with black color. With brush tool of (B) select a brush with the hardness zero percent also choose white color. Just paint on the text and make it lighter and brighter. Now apply layer style with the 3D word using stroke with the size of 1 pixel and opacity of forty percent and it will be for the black color.

Now add a gradient overlay into the background. In here make some light effect and use radial style also black and brown for the colors. Duplicate this layer then go to filter -> blur -> Gaussian blur. Here we can use the smudge tool of R. Through go to filter -> render -> clouds and also make sure that here is background color white and foreground color black. Add some smoke and make the photo realistic.