Shining Glossy Text Effect in Photoshop

Glossy Text Effect

With this tutorial I would like to do super shining glossy text effect. It’s really a simple and easy tutorial.Make a new document with size 1200 pixel x 800 pixel. Then fill the background layer with black and duplicate it through pressing Ctrl+j and filled it with gradient tool. Again duplicate it and change its blending mode through go to edit -> transform -> flip horizontal and change blend mode to screen.

Here I will make the background layer slightly brighter. For that go to layer -> new adjustment layer -> color balance and apply as like shadows (color levels +75, +70, +35), midtones (color levels +45, +98, -30), highlights (color levels +11, -11, -40). Now it’s time to write something on it and I typed Boy.

Now apply the blending effect such as Drop Shadow (blend mode multiply, opacity 100, angle 90, distance 10, spread 0, size 10), Inner Shadow (noise 0%), Outer Glow (blend mode screen, opacity 30, noise 0%, technique softer, spread 0, size 5, range 50, jitter 0%), Inner Glow (structure screen, opacity 100%, noise 0, technique softer, source edge, choke 0, size 15, range 50, jitter 0), outer glow (structure smooth, depth 521, direction up, size 10, soften 9)), Bevel and Emboss (angle 90, altitude 30, highlight mode screen and opacity 75, shadow mode multiply and opacity 75), Contour (range 45).

Then select the text through press magic wand tool (W) and thumbnail image. In this step create a new layer called fibre and have to assure that the selection is stay in the layer. Filled it with the color and go to filter -> render -> fibers and setting as like variance 9.0, strength 64.0. Again go to filter -> blur -> Gaussian blur.

Now change the blending mode of the fiber to lighten layer then we will get our final image.