Review of Automated Photo Editors and Manual Photo Editors

Review of Automated Photo Editors vs. Manual Photo Editors-01

Photo shooting is a walk in the park. Isn’t it? Anyone with a digital camera or even a smartphone can take a snap. But what matters is the output of the snapshot. Everyone can’t produce quality photos as it requires a knack and experience to execute that. Even professional shutterbugs with mammoth experience under their belts also err while shooting. But that doesn’t imply that the exerted efforts go in vain. In order to make the photographers’ hard work pay off, there are a plethora of automated photo editors and manual photo editors available on the Internet. Some of them are free to use while others are paid.

But all of them don’t promise optimum quality. Before you pick a photo retouching software to refine your unflattering images, you have to be conversant about the performance of the software. If you choose a premium image editing tool and tinker with your images with proper knowledge, you can get the output you crave for.

Let’s review the features and performances of some of the image touch-up software. Some of these tools are online editors, some need to be downloaded while others can be utilized online and downloading both. In addition, some of these software programs have been designed for a single platform while others are cross-platform photo manipulation tools.


Corel Paint Shop Pro

Platforms: Windows and Mac

Usability: Download

If you are looking for peachy software that can perform both quick and profound edits, Paint Shop Pro designed by Corel is a perfect choice. The company has been producing photo retouching software since the dawn of time. Paint Shop Pro is their flagship product and a handy tool to polish shoddy images.

When it comes to automatic editing, it has a series of filters/effects that are classified into photo effects, art media, artistic, and texture. Taking advantage of these tools, you can apply a variety of effects in a flash. On top of that, the software also has some stellar fundamental editing tools for fast editing. Smart photo fix tool, for example, enables you to fix issues like red-eye, lens distortion, and chromatic aberration. Likewise, there is another tool known as tone mapping which you can use to adjust the color/tone balance of your photos.


CyberLink Photodirector

Platforms: Windows and Mac

Usability: Download

Another photo retoucher that you can utilize for automatic photo optimization is CyberLink Photodirector. The latest release of the software embodies many upgrades and a wealth of AI-based technologies. The software comes with both trial and full versions. You can try the trial version complimentarily. However, in order to get the full version, you have to purchase it and it’s available at a reasonable price. Once you buy the full version, you have to download and install the software to get the editing rolling.

Now, coming to the AI transfer tool that the software features. The tool enables a user to apply scads of preset photo filters that refine your raw and substandard photos automatically. Not only that, the software even boasts loads of one-click presets. You can apply filters like black and white, sepia, split tone, and HDR in a flash. Additionally, the software also contains several presets for landscape and portrait images.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editing tool among the masses. It’s the gold standard for all the other image editing software. Regardless of whether a person is concerned with photo retouching or not, he is familiar with the editor. Whether a person is an artist, photographer, or designer, Adobe Photoshop is his go-to editing tool. Photoshop’s selection, masking, and layering tools are unparalleled which makes it the best choice for complex composite images.

The software has a powerful and slick interface and is dedicatedly designed for the highly skilled and seasoned professional who looks for all the advanced features in one package. Nevertheless, Photoshop has some easy-to-use tools which are handy for the newbies producing optimal results.

Features of Adobe Photoshop:

– Masking and selection tools are the best in business.

– Magnificent retouching and cloning abilities.

– Quick in the case of larger images.

– Supports a variety of file formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, and raw files.

– Adjustment layers can be used for non-destructive photo appearance touch-up.


Adobe Lightroom

If you discover that you are not comfortable with Adobe Photoshop due to its complex functionalities, Adobe Lightroom is the right one for you. Lightroom is an all-in-one photo retouching, raw-processing, and image cataloging software that is a perfect partner for Photoshop. With this software, you can apply stunning effects to your photos. The software enables you to optimize images with a wealth of features.

Lightroom has 2 versions now. The old one has been rebranded as Lightroom Classic and the new one Lightroom CC offers an optimized and intuitive interface. Lightroom CC is a slick software but there are some tools missing in Lightroom Classic. On the whole, Adobe Lightroom is an epic software boasting premium organization tools, futuristic adjustments, and all the output and printing options you long.

Features of Adobe Lightroom:

– Face detection and tagging for photo organization.

– Streamlined interface.

– Camera and lens-based corrections.

– Fixing and blurring tools.

– Presets and professional filters.

– Customizable sliders.

– Brush and gradient adjustments with color and luminance masking.

We have retouched a few images with the help of Corel Paint Shop Pro, CyberLink PhotoDirector, and Adobe Photoshop. The touch-ups were performed automatically with the first two software and manually with the last one. Let’s observe the performances of these pieces of software on 3 different images.

Before 3                                                                                                                 Original Image 1


After 3 (Corel Paint Shop Pro)                                                                                        After Version 1 (Corel Paint Shop Pro-Automated)


After 3 (CyberLink Photodirector)                                                                                   After Version 2 (CyberLink Photodirector-Automated)


After 3 (Photoshop)                                                                                                After Version 3 (Photoshop-Manual)


Before 1                                                                                                               Original Image 2


After 1 (Corel Paint Shop Pro)                                                                                      After Version 1 (Corel Paint Shop Pro-Automated)


After 1 (CyberLink Photodirector)                                                                                 After Version 2 (CyberLink Photodirector-Automated)


After 1 (Photoshop)                                                                                                   After Version 3 (Photoshop-Manual)


Original Image 3                                                                                                            Original Image 3


After 2 (Corel Paint Shop Pro)                                                                                     After Version 1 (Corel Paint Shop Pro-Automated)


After 2 (CyberLink PhotoDirector)                                                                                After Version 2 (CyberLink PhotoDirector-Automated)


After 2 (Photoshop)                                                                                                   After Version 3 (Photoshop-Manual)

From our above review on various photo editing software, we can note that Photoshop outclassed the rest of the two. This substantiates that manual editing performs better than automatic editing. Automatic retouching is no doubt, good and conducive for fast delivery. But it’s also a fact that it deteriorates the image quality. Not to forget, the 2 software that we used can also be utilized for manual editing.

In order to achieve first-class images, manual editing is the finest and professional way. And when it comes to manual retouching, there is no better software than Adobe Photoshop. Apart from Photoshop, there are many other premium photo manipulation software and online tools including Canva, Gimp, Pixlr, PicMonkey, Snappa, Fotor, Inkscape, etc. You can optimize your raw images in any of these software programs blending your skill and experience. But surely, to notch up a professional touch in your shoddy images, you have to approach professional retouchers.