How Meteor Effect Should be Used!

Secret Of Meteor Effect

This is always a good idea to find some inspiring design and effect. Today we will discuss Meteor Effect with the Text. That does not matter what we doing will do. In the digital world, graphics design is everywhere from where we can learn the most attractive and creative thing.

Firstly in here we will create and filled with dark grey. Now create a new layer and named it a cloud. Then make a selection by using the lasso tool of (L). Now it’s time to set the background color, set background color grey with 50% also foreground color of dark grey. To create a cloud go to filter -> render -> clouds and hold the Alt key. Then go to image -> adjustment -> level and until to make cloud neither too dark nor too light change input and output levels. Again create a layer and repeat the previous step of 2. But here just change the background color blue or green from 50% gray color. It will create a bit of cloud lighter than from bi one.

Now go to adobe illustrator for creating text and write something as wish. Here I would like to use times new roman then go to effect -> 3D -> extrude and bevel. Rotate the image to change its looking. Copy the text, paste it on Photoshop, move into the center then add some noise through going to filter -> noise -> add noise. Add bevel and emboss and change the layer style then add gradient overlay. Add motion blur through filter -> blur -> motion blur after duplicate the text layer. Change the angle of blur and layer mode as -53 and linear dodge. Move these two layers into a folder.

Again create a new layer then repeat step 2. For designing create a selection T. In here make some smoke which calling trailing smoke. Its looks pretty and stunning and this is our final product.