Learn about 3d Plastic Text Effect

Plastic text effect

In design so many jobs are doing, today here I will present something new wholeheartedly. Some stunning and creative design tries to represent which named as plastic 3D text effect with shadow.

Let’s start working with selecting background with gradient and color codes are #2f2520 for foreground and #1e1916 for the background. Here we will make the color the shade. With the nice cute delectable green, we will write text into our documents. I have written jell with the font of Gill Sans Ultra Bold making bold.

Now go to its bland options for adding styles. Firstly add drop shadow and inner shadow. This shadow will contrast nicely later to the design. And set as blend mode, opacity, angle, choke, size, contour, noise. Now we will use bevel and emboss to highlight it. Here we will make shadows and will make a bouncing light around the text. So in here have to set style, technique, depth, direction, size, softness. And into shading set angle, altitude, gloss contour, highlight mode, opacity, glass contour, opacity, shadow mode, opacity.

Now we need to add a stroke and gradient overlay where gradient provides a little bit of light effect and also darkness and stroke helps to seal off into edge. Then set blend mode, opacity, gradient, style, angle, scale.

Create a new layer and copy through Ctrl+c and paste into a new layer through Ctrl+v. Go to select -> modify -> contract and change its value to 4 pixels for the selection shrink. Again use the gradient to set transparency so use the thumbnail thing up from the top left menu. Draw the selection and change white to transparent background .

In here we will add some light highlight, so select elliptical tools, and make a selection from the text. Then press delete, and it will make your text looking plastic KY.