Create Extreme Lighting with 3D Text


We will make text which will change from 2D to 3D. For 3D text effect we need to use illustrator to create the object. After that bring this object into Photoshop for adding shadows  and to highlight it. To create design makes a new document with the illustrator.

Extreme Lighting Text Effect

Extreme Lighting with 3D Text

So write something into documents and we wish to turn our object 3D. For this go to effect -> 3D -> extrude and bevel. Settings are like below but what we will use to make it different. Here will make something interesting and creative and will do it until to achieve as your own choice. Also have to ensure that lighting will help us to get most amount of contrast and create most attractive stuffs.

Light intensity set at 100%, ambient 50%, highlights intensity 60%, highlight size 90%, blend steps 25 and shading color black. So we want to work in illustrator and copy image through apple+c then paste it into a new Photoshop document. Then stretch the text and make some distorted. Just make some bigger. Now we will set its background for that selects a texture.

Then add shadows, set color contrast and effect onto it. So now pick a color dark brown and select elliptical marquee tool. Set the feather at 100 pixels and make a circle vertically of the document. Select apple + shift+ l for select the inverse then fill space through the brown option + delete. Then add some yellow or orange color into the circle bottom right corner. Change the blend mode to bottom.

So in here the image will start from the bottom and make it brighter. Then put the text onto the document. Select magic wand tool w and set its range at 12 then press apple + J. Repeat this step except using of magic wand tool. Gradually add effect and make it realistic as you want. And our text is ready for use.

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