Grungy Rusted Carbon Fiber Text Effect Tutorial

Grungy Rusted Carbon Fiber Text Effect

We are creating some awesome text effect tutorial. We should collect two textures. To get these go to edit -> define the pattern. One is “Grungy Rusted Corrugated Metal Texture” and another one is “Carbon Fiber Pattern”. Let’s start with a new document of 670 pixels in width and 400-pixel height. To organize the PSD file firstly click into the layer pallet to the folder 3 times. Because we require three folders and named them Text, Frame, and Background respectively.

Start working with the created folder. Firstly create a new layer into the frame, then activate the shape tool through type U. Select a rectangular tool and draw a square with the same size under the documents and leave a little room on the top and bottom of the document. Setting blending options through go-to layer -> layer style -> blending options. And set the mode as normal, opacity 100%, and in advance blending set fill opacity to 0%, channels RGB, blend clipped layers as group, transparency shapes layer. With the blending options set outer glow, inner glow, and stroke. And make it look realistic. Select text tool start type in where I typed out “T” font Cochin, regular and size 24 pt.

Set background to go to background folder and go to layer -> new fill layer -> pattern from the menu and select the aforementioned texture. Now open the layer -> layer style -> blending option then set as below: blend mode color and opacity 67%. Into the grungy corrugated metal, texture layer creates a gradient fill layer through go-to layer -> new fill layer -> gradient and set style radial and scale 150%.

Duplicate text layer by clicking Ctrl+J, or go to layer -> duplicate layer. Then set blending option, drop shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, satin, pattern overlay, and stroke. Open layer style for bottom text layer now than setting blending option, drop shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, satin, color overlay, gradient overlay, pattern overlay, and stroke.

After setting this we will see our text is ready with Grungy Carbon Fiber Text Effect.