Glossy 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Glossy 3D Text Effect

In this digital world people love 3D, want to try 3D and make 3D and they love 3D effects.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make glossy 3D effect in Photoshop.

Process of making Glossy 3D Text Effect

Let’s open a new document which size will be 600 x 400 pixels, with the white background, and resolution 72 set RGB 8 bit.  In here fill the background with deep color I filled with #011923 and include a few noise through go to filter -> noise -> add noise. If we set 2% I think it will be OK. Distribution should be uniform and monochromatic.

Now we will start design for that creates a new layer which will look as Elliptical Marquee Tool (M). Drag down the shape and fill the selected area with white. Then set blending mode at linear dodge. Reduce the opacity at 90%. Next select a font Helvetica Neue LT Std 85 Heavy and write ASS. You can choose another font which you would like and set font as 160 pixels with background white.

Now apply layer style with white text layer. For drop shadow set structure (blend mode at multiply, opacity 75, angle 90, distance 3, and spread 0, size 10 pixels with noise 0%). In here layer knock out drop shadow. Bevel and Emboss set (structure, style at smooth, depth 100, direction up, size 1, soften 0 pixels). For shading set (angle 120 degree, altitude 33, and highlight mode normal opacity 100, shadow mode normal with opacity 100%).

Beside above of these set Satin structures (blend mode at multiply, opacity 50%, angle 19 degree, distance 11, size 14, and contour invert).Again apply layer style for drop shadow, bevel and emboss, satin and color overlay. Now using brush tool try to make the design real and for this select a wide and big soft brush with 200 pixels. Through this we will make the text shining and glossy. Duplicate the text layer, paste it onto main layer. Move slightly down on it. It will make just a shadow, now you will get your desired glossy 3D effect.