50 best Free Calligraphy Fonts for Graphic Designers.

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To save time, you can take a pen/pencil and see the font you like in our video below and note them down.

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We have organized all the fonts listed here in the above animation video. Take a pen/pencil and note down the fonts you like best.

21. Gothic-Modern

This typeface is also free and you will get only lowercase fonts here. The designers use this font for getting a straight, smooth, and good looking sentences. It is designed with a special letter distance that make this font suitable for headings. It is excellent and impressive for invitation cards, logos, banners, posters, calendar, wallpapers, and more.

Gothic modern fonts

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22. Hovel Font

This is an incredible freebie for the typography lovers. It is a free cool and beautiful typeface that can be a significant part of the graphic experts. They cannot but be happy with this amazing font face because of its enormous uses in various designs like cards, invitation cards, wedding card, gift and visiting cards, logotype, banner, poster, T-shirts, bags, mat, wallpaper, and many more.

Hovel fonts

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23. Odale Font

This is a minuscule display font face inspired by Johannes Gutenberg. The typeface is suitable for various graphic designs like various cards, logos, banner, poster, bags, and so many like this. This elegant typeface is free for using in graphic designs. This font will add a bold and stylistic attitude to your works.

Odale fonts

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24. Zero Font

It is one of the gorgeous and beautiful fonts that is free to use in any design. Graphic designers use this font to create amazing graphical presentation to the viewers. They can use this font in their design for enhancing the beauty and gravity.

Zero fonts

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25. Beauty Beast

This beautiful brush typography font is outstanding for creating any dream like graphic image. Such a font can be used in any graphic design such as T-shirts, cards, wallpaper, wall mate, calendar, etc. This calligraphic font is free only for personal uses. For commercial uses, you have to buy its license.


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26. Watermelon font

For personal use, you can download this font, but for using in profitable business, you have to purchase this font. This picture shaping calligraphic font is suitable for any designs, especially various types of cards, poster, banner, creative image manipulation, and something like this. This is one of the very impressive and loveable typefaces that is worthy of drawing attention of the viewers.

Watermelon script

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27. Magnolia font

This feminine typeface is suitable for wedding card design. It also can be applied in T-shirt and other designs, wall mate and wallpaper, various types of mats, banner and poster, and many more. This font is not free for commercial use, but for personal use you can download this calligraphy font face.

Magnolia sky fonts

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28. Candlescript calligraphy

It is designed by Fairuzulhax. It has a special script and italic style. This font is suitable using as a logotype, custom typeface, title, header, advertisement purposes, and more. It has thousands of glyphs that have uppercase, smallcaps, numerals, etc. It is mainly an OpenType font that can make your designs extraordinary. Anyway, only for personal use. You can have this font fee.

candlescript fonts

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29. Calling angels

Another very beautiful font is designed by Argel. Its commercial version is premium and on the other side, for personal uses, this font is free for the graphic designers. This feminine cool and beautiful font can make your designs pop and help go out of other contemporary designers and their designs. So, you can download and use this free font in your designs.

calling-angels fonts

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30. Infinite stroke

This calligraphy is another eye-catching font face that can be very useful for the graphic designers. Its awesome typography can draw the potential attention of the targeted audience. The font is highly engaging and it has the quality for making your designs stunning that results everything that you wish. This Infinite stroke type face is free for personal uses, and you have to spend money for using it commercially.

Infinite stroke

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31. Winter-calligraphy

The font is not free for commercial uses, but you can use it for personal works. The designers use this font for creating invitation cards, bags, product packages, T-shirts, etc. You can also use this font in many of your graphic designs.

Winter Calligraphy fonts

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32. Fire-mountain

This very font is free for individual uses, but for commercial uses, you have to buy the font face. It is highly requested not to use this font in any sex content. This font suits with all types of graphical works. So, the graphic experts apply this font in any designs that get an additional useful flavor. It enhances the beauty and quality of the works.

fire on the mountain fonts

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33. Libertinage font

It is one of the great typefaces that increases the beauty and quality of your graphical works. You can apply this free font in designing wedding cards, visiting cards, calendar, T-shirts, wallpaper, etc. This font is free only for personal uses and if you want to use it commercially, you have to purchase it.

libertinage fonts

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34. Maratre font

This font is free for personal uses. If you want to use this font commercial purpose, you have to buy its license. You can use this font in any of your designs like cards, cover pages, clothes, bags, etc. The font in different designs is magnificent and grave, and it can enhance the detail quality of graphic designs.

Maratre fonts

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35. Wildstyle font

This pictorial font is more than an image, even the font is itself a picture and when you use it in your design, it happens image on image that grow the quality and possibility of some graphical work. This font is not free for commercial purposes, but still you can use this font for personal works.

Wildstyle fonts

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36. Congrats-calligraphy

To create any invitation cards, this font can be the best attachment for the graphic designs. For designing banner and poster, this font can be used for increasing quality for drawing attention of the potential traffic as you desire. The font is not free for commercial uses, but for personal uses.

Congrats-calligraphy fonts

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37. Stylish-calligraphy

This stylish calligraphy font is for personal use, but business it is not free. You have to buy its license to use commercially. The font has a lot of characters, glyphs, and symbols. Their usage in any graphic design increases the text decoration, mode and depth of gravity. Such a font is useful for becoming pop as a graphic designer.

Stylish calligraphy fonts

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38. Mostwasted font

This is one of the finest comic fonts that can be used in various designs. This type of fonts are perfect for poster and banner. You can use this font other graphic design to add special effects. However, it is a public domain font and the graphic designers can use this font 100% free for personal and commercial uses.

Mostwasted fonts

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39. Jellyka-castles

This type of font is perfect for the banner of DJ party, CD cover page, poster for concert, T-shirt, and so on. It can be the best part for the graphic designers. You can take this free font for personal use and create amazing graphical works.

Jellyka castles queen fonts

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40. Heard Everything

This font also can be used in any kind of design. Such a feminine look calligraphy font is very loveable, joyous, and worthy of appreciating in graphic designs. This free font is commercially unavailable for use. So, to get all the characters, glyphs, and symbols, buy the bundle of this font.

The heart of everything

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