CSS3 grid layout and content priority

To make design with CSS3 we have to play with different software. Here I will play with adobe Photoshop. For this create a new file as 1920 x 1200 pixel/72 dpi. In here I will Paint Bucket Tool (G) then fill this layer with the blue color and the color’s code is #17CBFF. Now select the brush tool (B) with opacity of 30 percent and its color code is #0499E6.

It’s time to paint on the background. Now paint the blue background on its lateral side also on its bottom part. Pick the horizontal tool (T) and type which you want but I typed “aqua”. 
And all the letters except “q” have same next demonstrated parameters. The setting is for color 0497E5 and cooper Std 267, 67 pixels, in case of “q” set the range of 283, 17 pixels. Mark out each latter on layer and through press Ctrl+J copy the marked layer. Then move it using move tool <V> also change its color to #084DA2.

Select blending option to outer glow for each of the letter. Set it as blend mode normal, opacity 75%, noise 0%, color 2F459D, technique softer, spread 0%, size 13%. Then choose the blending option and inner shadow except the “q”. Inner shadow structure will be for blend mode at normal, opacity 76%, angle 90 degree, distance 5 pixels, choke 0%, size 6 pixels.

For outer glow set the structure of blend mode at normal, opacity 50%, noise 0%. Elements of technique softer spread 0%, size 5 pixels. And for quality contour set range 50%, jitter 0%. Then set blending option inner glow, gradient set gradient overlay, then completing these letters get marine nuance. Use the setting for highlight the letter only the necessary zone and final step is adding bubbles. Using ellipse tool (U) add bubble and add transparent sphere. Then insert another circle and fill 0% on this layer.

These way make each bubble and complete the tutorial.

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