Create Movie Text Effect

Movie Text Effect

Ceating Movie Text Effect

Process of creating Movie Text Effect:

Open Photoshop and we will make a nice background. By creating a new document setting dimension width 600 pixels x height300 pixels with resolution of 72 pixels/inch. And color mode RGB with 8 bit. Background content will be white. After to make new document we will fill its background layer with black and add some light gradient into a layer.

Now still I have two layers one with normal black color and another one are with the gradient layer. In here change the opacity of gradient layer about 5% to 15%. Now we will take a screenshot from movie and set it with the background. If it haven’t in your collection then search from Google and find one theme or name of Movie.

Lastly for the background we will create a new layer and on the campus draw a white linear background. Now change layer mode to multiply for the gradient layer. Now it’s time to make our style here we will use fat font where I used Urban Fonts in where we will find large sans serif font. This is commercial font, but if you want you can try with different font as like Arial black or other thing.

Then apply layer style into text so that the text will look like real. Here I will apply more than one layer style as like drop shadow, inner shadow, inner glow, bevel and emboss, bevel and emboss and contour, gradient overlay. Here I will use the color as for inner glow #7f7f51, gradient overlay #f86503 and #fbe432. The layer styles need tweaking a little bit. By this way we can make more and plenty stunning design for with the text. Through making this kind of design we can make money from home and can increase our horizons by practicing these.